Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: “We Own This Country”

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Clint Eastwood had some great moments. Some Socialists are upset with him, because they feel that he was disrespectful to the President, but I guess they forgot about the vicious attacks against GW Bush.

Clint also refereed to the 23 million people out of work as a national disgrace and then he followed with “when someone doesn’t get the job done, it is time to let them go”.


Yahoo News fires reporter, apologizes to Romney over ‘black people drowning’ remark | Fox News

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Democrats love exploiting black people….

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Rick Santorum’s RNC Speech Upset the Gay Fascists

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The author of the article below that was posted on the website seemed upset that Rick Santorum dared to mention Gay Marriage. So, anyone that opposes gay marriage is banned from saying it publicly?

Saratoga Springs Mayor, Mia Love Rocks the RNC Convention

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BLACK CONSERVATIVES are the biggest threat to the Democrats, because it deflates the false race card issue.

Mia Love, a 36-year-old, first-generation Haitian-American Mormon that was born in Brooklyn and she is the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.


RNC Convention Tweets from The Conservative Monster Twitter Page

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