Argentina: Off Duty Cop Shoots Armed Robbers in Supermarket



Off duty cops can’t be everywhere. This is why the people need to be armed…

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  1. Published on Mar 23, 2013
    Theft in a supermarket: Policeman killed in front of his wife and son

    He had tried to prevent an assault yesterday in the town of Remedios de Escalada. Two of the criminals were killed.

    17/12/12 – 11:25

    A Federal Police inspector killed in resisting an assault on a supermarket in Remedios de Escalada was shot three times in the body, apparently by a third accomplice still at large, who was behind a checkout station and was not seen by the victim.

    Police and judicial sources informed Télam that at least one of the two dead robbers had a criminal record and had been released from the Marcos Paz jail two months ago. The assistant manager of the supermarket, wounded by a bullet in the chest, was admitted to the Evita Hospital, although his condition is not life-threatening.

    According to images from security cameras at the supermarket, in the Hipólito Yrigoyen 6100, Remedios de Escalada, it all started around 6:40 P.M. when three armed robbers went toward the checkout stands. Two of the assailants threatened the cashiers with weapons and began stealing money from each.

    But one of them approached Inspector Diego Romero, who was coincidentally present in civilian clothes, finishing his purchases with his wife, his son, and nephew, the latter both being minors.

    “The officer saw the two criminals robbing the cashiers and coming toward him, and when it came to that he was with his family, so he drew his gun and tried to prevent the robbery,” said a senior police source to Télam.

    A shooting took place, in which the officer managed to injure two criminals.

    “The suspicion is that he did not see that there was a third offender behind the line of checkout stations and he was armed. The officer was shot and killed on the spot,” said an investigator.

    According to law-enforcement sources, the officer serving with the 46th precinct of the Capital was shot three times, one in the abdomen, another in the shoulder and one in the leg. “He died in front of his wife and children,” the police chief stated.

    Meanwhile, one of the criminals, identified by police as Elijah Benitez, 19, died inside the supermarket. The other, identified as Pedro Mariano Berardi (39) and his accomplice managed to get to a Volkswagen Golf, but the escape continued only about 150 meters until the car crashed into a light pole.

    Berardi was dead inside the vehicle. He had been shot in the chest. The third offender fled the scene and is still at large.

    A woman identified the younger assailant killed in the supermarket and told investigators that two months ago he had been released from the federal prison in Marcos Paz.

    Federal Police sources inform Télam that there will not be a viewing for Inspector Romero and his remains will be interred on January 13th in the Pantheon Police Chacarita Cemetery.

    The investigators said that law enforcement has detained at least ten witnesses from inside in the supermarket. District Attorney of Lomas de Zamora, Juan José Vaello, ordered the holding of the weapon used by Inspector Romero, a regulation 9 mm pistol.

    In addition, a .22 caliber revolver stored in the glove compartment of the Volkswagen Gol was seized, and presumably another weapon was taken by the fugitive criminal. Investigators speculate that the weapon that the fugitive fired is a .357, since they found at least two intact bullets of that caliber lying on the floor.

    Prosecutor Vaello ordered the confiscation of the supermarket’s security cameras, which will be analyzed to try to determine the sequence of the events.

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