Bob Beckel objects use of the word ‘revolutionaries’ when describing Obama’s economic plan

Steve Cooper  


Today on The Five, Bob Beckel objected to Greg Gutfeld using the word ‘revolutionaries’ when describing Obama’s economic plan. Greg Gutfeld is the only one in the media that has the guts to speak the truth and Beckel wants to censor that, because he is a Marxist.  


I try to use the word revolutionary often, because of the media’s censorship of the word. It is rarely mentioned…  


Libertarians and Communists are united with the goal to start a revolution. This revolution won’t have good results since the US Military leaders seem to be on the wrong side…Obama’s. Just look at the blood that has spilled after the revolutions in Egypt.  


Libertarians and Communists are also:


  • Against Gitmo
  • Against the NSA anti-terror program
  • Hated George Bush
  • Both anti-war



  Libertarians only shout about reckless spending, because they are trying to incite Conservatives into violence. It is a trap, but not many people have figured this little detail out yet. Most of the propaganda that Libertarians shout about the economy is anti-BANKER. This propaganda is the same that the Communist shout.  


So, the anti-banker and anti-war propaganda that Libertarians and Communists use is the same. They are BOTH very clever deceivers that really hate true conservatives and they smear them by calling them NEO-CONS.  


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