9/11 Anniversary: Russian President Putin orders surprise inspection of combat readiness

Conservative News Update: Russian missile test done on Sept. 10th Putin orders surprise inspection of combat readiness of Russian troops: Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces … http://t.co/0g6sAYFNWf — English Pravda.Ru (@engpravda) September 11, 2014

Ward Churchill reveals 9/11 was really an attack against ‘American Capitalism’

Conservative News Update: “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism” – Karl Marx Educated Leftists like Ward Churchill understand the 9/11 attacks were really about an attack on ‘American Capitalism’ via a Read More …

$25 Million Reward: Was Isis created to divert attention away from Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri?

Conservative News Update: ISIS is too extreme for Al Qaeda? Ok SHEEP! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/ayman-alzawahiris-capture-worth-25m-as-he-tops-worlds-mostwanted-list/story-fni0fiyv-1227041689192?nk=6f90e83f3da44da7e7d6a10ce6d4e747

Mike Rogers: U.S. in greater danger now than before 9/11

Conservative News Update: The threat is worse, because Iran was never punished for assisting the 9/11 hijackers since they were protected by Russia, China and the Democrats. Why are Sunni’s concerned about attacking the US Read More …