Putin Seeks to Boost Military Alliance with China

Putin Seeks to Boost Military Alliance with China

Steve Cooper

This Russian and Chinese alliance is nothing new if you read this site, but I have heard many people downplay it. That is because they have no idea what they are talking about. Russia and China enable and protect rogue regimes such as North Korea and Iran that act as ‘proxies of distraction’. The media and the American politicians are afraid to speak the truth about what is really going on here.

Mitt Romney actually stunned me last month when he said “Russia is the USA’s biggest Geopolitical foe”, but that is not enough. I have a feeling that the Democrats will use that statement against Romney since the Russians are the ‘biggest ally’ of the treasonous Democrat Party. Why do you think the Obama Administration is being ‘allowed’ to make gains in the war on terror? They are ‘propping up their plant’.   

The Democrats will say that Romney is creating conflict and Obama is mending fences, but the real truth is that the Democrat Party is embracing a Russian regime that is using Iran as a proxy to kill U.S. Troops overseas.  



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UPDATE – Putin to Meet Ahmadinejad and Karzai in China

Putin to Meet Ahmadinejad in China

Steve Cooper

UPDATE – Putin is meeting with President Ahmadinejad of Iran and President Karzai from  Afghanistan this week in China. Don’t you love how the American media is NOT reporting this? I smell a RAT……….


The Axis of Evil – Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea and Venezuela. There are others as well, but these are the top on my list.

Do you really believe that the USA is fighting a bare foot Muslim in a cave? Don’t you find it interesting that the Obama Administration has insisted that “the war on terror is over”? Biden stated that the Taliban is our ‘friend’? Iran was called a ‘rational actor’? Rational actor?

Generals have testified in front of Congress stating the fact that Iran was behind all of the terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the media swept it all under the rug. They want the American people to believe that Al Qaeda is just a terrorist group that belonged to no country and that is a lie. 

I have heard the media report many times that Russia is “an American ally in the war against terror”. Really? Is this why they built nuke plants for Iran? Is this way they sent weapons to Syria? Is this why terrorists around the world are armed with Russian weapons?

Sure, Russia allows the U.S. to deliver supplies to Afghanistan, but that is because they want the USA to continue to bleed money and precious blood. Russia opened up their air space for U.S. Troops in July 2009 just 7 months after Obama was inaugurated. The Russians blocked U.S. Troops from using their air space during the Bush years, because GW was seen as an enemy. Obama has a more ‘friendly’ relationship with the Russians. Maybe it is because the DNC is more compliant with orders coming from Moscow than the Republicans are?   

Putin and Ahmadinejad seem to avoid each other, because they don’t want attention brought to their terror alliance. I have no idea what they are so worried about, because the media covers it up.

This site is the only one exposing what they are all about.


With Putin Comes Conflict

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With Putin Comes Conflict

With Putin Comes Conflict

Steve Cooper

I find it interesting that 9/11 happened soon after Vladimir Putin was inaugurated on May 7th, 2000. Now, after Putin’s 2nd inauguration he is warning that the conflict in Syria will worsen. I guess Putin is psychic or does he know something that we do not?

Russia does have a radical Muslim problem, but interestingly they don’t have an Al Qaeda problem. Why is that if the propaganda on the Internet states that the CIA created Al Qaeda? Wrong, the CIA created the Mujahadeen and they changed names and switched sides after the Soviet-Afghan conflict ended.

This new terrorist organization renamed Al Qaeda focused on the USA rather than Russia? Don’t you find it suspicious that the Cold War ended and then mysteriously a new ‘phantom’ terrorist organization appears out of thin air and targets the USA? Don’t you find it suspicious that Libertarians tend to be huge fans of the Russian media and they are also pushing the Kremlin’s propaganda.

They want the American people to NOT look at Russia as the root of Islamic terrorism. Meanwhile; all of these Muslim terrorists seem to have Russian made weapons. Russia built a nuclear plant for Iran, the #1 Islamic terrorist state in the world, but the media downplays the association. 

I called out one of the stooges from Amnesty International about this the other day on Twitter. They just bring up the fact that Russia is supplying weapons to Syria rather than the entire association between Islamic terrorism and the Kremlin. I am a little tired of all of these media conspiracies to cover up the truth on many issues. It shows the the great danger that the entire world is in, not just the USA.

The left wingers loved to shout “No war for oil” when Bush was president, but now they are silent. Why? Well, Obama is going by the Communist playbook via Moscow. Sure, the Russians appear to be upset, but they are not as long as a Socialist is at the helm of the USA.

Who benefits from major conflicts in the Middle East? The Russians do, because they are the #1 oil exporter in the world. Also, the Russians will make billions of dollars from weapon sales to Syria via their Iranian proxies. You will never read analysis like this anywhere else.



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The Left Wing Media is Beating the Syria War Drums

The Left Wing Media is Beating the Syria War Drums

Steve Cooper

Above, I posted a screen shot of Christian Amanpour’s Twitter page. Yesterday, she was hysterical about Syrian civilian deaths, but notice that nobody in the media has the guts to actually label Syria as a Russian terror proxy? Why is the media hiding this fact? Why does the media not play up that Russian weapons are killing those Syrian children? useful Idiots like Amanpour know damn well that Russia is trying to drag the USA into another war and the leftist media is assisting them.  

This was my reply to Amanpour’s hysteria from my Twitter page – CNIN

Why should the US help Syria? So, you and your left wing conspirators in the media could undermine the U.S. Military again?

Assad is a Russian proxy to drag the USA into another war.

Why is a war with Syria a good war, but Iraq wasn’t?

There was plenty of evidence that Saddam was slaughtering his own people. There was plenty of evidence that Saddam was acquiring and developing WMD’s. There was plenty of evidence that Saddam had bio and chemical weapons. Of course he had them, because he used them against the Kurds.

Bush lied about the WMD’s? That is interesting, because Al Gore, Bill Clinton and many other Soviet loving Democrats stated that Saddam had WMD’s, but they are not being called liars.

Sure, Saddam didn’t want Al Qaeda on Iraqi soil, because he didn’t want the USA to come down on his head, but there were ties between Iraqi Intelligence and Al Qaeda. This has been reported, but cleansed by the media to discredit George Bush and the Republicans. Bush lacked the guts to blame Russia for moving the WMD’s to Syria before the Iraq invasion and that was a major mistake.

My theory is that Bush made a deal with Vladimir Putin and that was Putin’s endorsement in exchange for silence about Russian Special Forces moving the WMD’s to Syria and dumping the rest into the Indian Ocean. This was even admitted by one of Saddam’s Generals, but he later too back the story and said “he was lying”, but that is a lie. That General is just trying to protect the anti-Bush conspiracy and safe his own life from a Russian hit.

So, back to the question. Why do the leftists see intervention into Syria as a good war? There are many reasons and they are all anti-American and pro-Putin.

1. Russia is making money off of this war, because they are selling weapons to Syria via Iran.

2. This will boost the price of oil. High oil prices help the Russian economy and hurts the American economy at the same time.

3. It makes the USA and NATO look like warmongers and imperialists wanting more war. Another war spreads out the US Military even further and makes them even more tired after almost 11 years of continuous wars.

4. The media will play up Syrian civilian casualties that are caused by U.S. Troops to undermine the effectiveness of the US Military.

5. War with Syria is a good distraction for the bad American economy that Obama is purposely sabotaging. The goal is to drive up the debt even more and that is what war with Syria will accomplish.

6. More wars will make the American people more anti-war, because the media will continue to show the blood and guts of American boys and girls on TV. The media loves to portray the soldiers as victims of a Capitalist war machine.

The media loves to play up the fact that soldiers are away from their families for the holiday’s. Soldiers losing limbs is something that the media loves to show over and over, because they want to brainwash the people to be anti-war. They want the American people to beg to stop all of the wars.

7. Back to the debt. Ron Paul and his merry band of Soviet followers that infiltrated the Tea Party will then shout that these wars are bankrupting us. It is their goal to brainwash the people into shouting along with them. Yes, the wars are bankrupting the USA, but that is because the US Military is being restrained from winning wars fast. The enemy uses civilians and children as human shields and the media plays up their deaths when a US bomb kills them. Well, the way around that is call it collateral damage like the good old days.  

8. What will happen after Assad is removed? Installation of an Islamic Sharia Government? This is the fate that Egypt is heading towards. Libya is very quiet these days, but I would love to know what is really happening on the ground there. Al Qaeda training camps maybe? 

Egypt, Libya and now Syria? They are surrounding Israel with instability and chaos on purpose. The goal is to whip up the Muslims into an anti-Israel frenzy next. I also find it very interesting that there was NO INSURGENCY in Libya or Egypt like was seen in Iraq and Afghanistan against the Bush war machine.

The Obama war machine has it much easier, because Obama is seen as an ally to the Marxists and Muslims behind the Global Terrorist Movement. I promise you that it would be way different if John McCain was the President right now. The media would be in a constant anti-war frenzy. They would repeat the U.S. body count daily, but the U.S. body count is unknown, because the media is hiding it to protect Obama. Would they protect President McCain or Romney the same way? No, they would not.

What happened to the shouts of “war criminal” by Code Pink? The American Left know that Obama is following the orders coming from Moscow that Bush refused to follow. Notice Russian troops did military exercises on US Soil during the Clinton and Obama administrations, but NOT during the Bush Administration. Why do you think that is? It is because the Democrat Party is in bed with our enemies. OUR enemies see the Republican Party as the final roadblock to destroying Capitalism. Many Republicans already know that this war against Communism has already been lost and that is why you are seeing more RINO’s these days. 

The American people are brainwashed to see ME as crazy when I say that the Democrat Party is in bed with our mortal enemies. Why? This would never be allowed or tolerated. The people believe that the media would certainly report it if it were true. No they won’t and that is why you will all have to learn THE HARD WAY….



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This Memorial Day – Think About How the Media Has Added to U.S. Military Casualties

This Memorial Day – Think About How the Media Has Added to U.S. Military Casualties

Steve Cooper

Today, think about how the media has undermined and manipulated all wars since the Vietnam War. Think about how our enemies use civilians as human shields and then the media spins this against US Troops when there are civilian casualties.

Think about how this anti-war, left wing and biased reporting by the media has raised the amount of injuries and casualties against U.S. Soldiers.

Think about how the media played up the Abu Ghraib incident in Iraq to whip up the Muslims into a frenzy against U.S. Troops to undermine George Bush. Think about how the media has buried all of the incidents under Obama to protect him. Civilians have died while Obama is in office, but nobody is calling him a ‘war criminal’. The Koran burning incident was immediately buried by the media to protect Obama, but we all know that would not be the case if Bush or McCain were President. 

The liars in the media created The Conservative Monster.com. This website is the voice of truth, the voice of the people and a sledge hammer onto the heads of these Communist bastards that manipulate the American people daily. It is sickening.

Think about how the media portrays U.S. Soldiers as victims of a Capitalist war machine, rather than liberators of people from tyranny. The media loves to show mangled soldiers and crying families; rather than stories about true heroism and valor that is displayed daily on the battle fields around the world.

A MSNBC left wing robot said that “he don’t like using the word hero to describe fallen U.S. Soldiers”. This Communist slug is exactly what is wrong with the media. http://theconservativemonster.mobi/2012/05/27/msnbc-left-wing-nut-feels-uncomfortable-calling-fallen-soldiers-heroes.aspx

I also like how the media is hiding the fact that Russian troops are on U.S. soil doing drills with American troops on Memorial Day weekend. Why the secrecy? Drills with Russian soldiers on U.S. soil has only happened one other time and that was under the Clinton Administration. Gee, what a shock….

Has it dawned on you people that the majority of U.S. Military causalities are from Russian and Iranian made weapons? No, it has not, because you are all brainwashed NOT to see what I see clear as the sunrise in front of my face.

TODAY, Think about how U.S. Troops have died to protect freedom of Speech and the Press. Now, this freedom of the press is being used as a tool against U.S. Troops.


Happy Memorial Day,

Steve Cooper


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The Conservative Monster Family Mourns for Fallen Army Captain

The Conservative Monster Family Mourns for Fallen Army Captain

Steve Cooper

This post is honor Capt. Jesse A. Ozbat. Jesse was in the TOP 10% of all of the ROTC’s in the USA. Capt. Ozbat was killed last Sunday in Afghanistan.

Reported by WTVR:

The DOD said Capt. Jesse A. Ozbat, 28, of Prince George, was killed
Sunday when his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device.
2nd Lt. Tobias C. Alexander, 30, of Lawton, Okla., was also killed in
the attack.


Jesse’s mother Cynthia has been a supporter of this website and I was very saddened by the news of her son’s death. Cynthia, your friends here all share your grief and thank you for providing the link to the WTVR news story. WTVR did a nice segment about how Jesse was seen as a quiet, studious leader. The USA lost a true hero and the best of the best. You should be very proud of Jesse accomplishments and honor.


Our prayers also go out to the family of 2nd Lt. Alexander as well.

Cynthia also thanked the Monster family for their prayers during this tough time.

Steve, I will be emailing you soon as I do have a lot to tell you. As
you can imagine at this moment we are just crushed and preparing for our
son’s funeral and it is overwhelming. The reason I wanted to tell you
is because if I do not make it any other place on the net any given day,
this is the one place I make sure I go each day.

I have been a Monster
fan and more namely a Steve Cooper fan for a very long time. You are
one of the last pillar’s of truth of a sea of lies and deception. I
will be in touch soon. Thank you to all of the monster fans who have
spoke such words of comfort, I love you all.

Here are a few videos to
share of my son’s life:





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The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style

The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style

Steve Cooper

The teachings of Communism are directed toward one final result—world
revolution and the triumph of international Communism. The achievement
of this aim would mean the violent and complete destruction of the
American Government. Any person who subscribes to these teachings,
regardless of his reason, is working against American democracy and for
the benefit of international Communism’s chief leader, Soviet Russia. –
J. Edgar Hoover

About 10 different people have sent me this article the past week by Doug Hagmann

I have been reading Hagmann’s articles for many years and I believe him. When I saw the title “The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style”, I knew what the article would say…so there was no rush to read it.

How did I know what the article said? I have been warning about this for many years and I don’t need an insider ANYWHERE to tell you what they have planned. I was not shocked by anything written in this article and I believe every word he says in it. Marxist revolution is their plan…  

The radicals behind Obama feel that now is the time to strike to defeat Capitalism. They are being backed by Russia, China and the Islamic terrorists also. They are all united to destroy the USA, Israel and Capitalism. The FBI infiltrated The Weather Underground back in the 70’s and the terrorists told ‘the undercover agent’ that they planned on taking down the U.S. Government by violent revolution and that they wanted to destroy Capitalism. They said they expect that they would have to kill 25 million Americans that resisted the plan; they were talking about Americans that resisted the Communist takeover.

The undercover FBI Agent then asked them “what will you do with the country when this is all over?” They said that they would hand the country over to the Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese Governments (this was back in the 70’s).  Here is the interview with the FBI AGENT – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlN2t0oERHk

Bin Laden out lived his usefulness and Pakistan handed him over to Obama on a silver platter. Do you really think those Navy Seals flew into the most heavily guarded area in Pakistan without anyone noticing? You have watched too many Rambo movies my friend. Pakistan was upset for 10 days and then it was forgotten. Nobody in the Muslim world made a big deal about it, because they knew that the hit was sanctioned. This is how it works in the world of espionage; here today and GONE TOMORROW. The Muslim terrorists want Obama to stay in office.

9/11 was a message to the West by the International Marxists and Muslims. End Capitalism now…or more is coming. George Bush kept them off balance with his offensives, but the Democrat Party and the media undermined that effort successfully for the enemy. Obama is going by the ‘Communist playbook’ and that is why he is allowed to make gains in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is much more peaceful now, because the enemy knows that they have better control with a Marxist in the White House. This man is no Democrat. Sure, the media paints him as a moderate and he acts like a moderate, but that is being done so the American people LOWER THEIR GUARDS. This is classic Communist deception.  

The Occupy Wall Street thugs are being supported by you got it, Bill Ayers from the Weather Underground and Van Jones, the International Marxist cheerleader. The goal of these protests is to start massive civil unrest and violence under the banner of Anarchists, but they are really Communists. The media is playing along with this lie as well.   

Here is the article by Doug Hagmann

This video is MUST SEE

Shocking Weather Underground Documentary

The Real Story of the Weathermen – ties to the Cuban DGI



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