Was John Hinckley driven to shoot Ronald Reagan by hatred for Capitalism and love for Jodie Foster?

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Steve Cooper
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I was recently watching interviews with Secret Service Agents about the assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan. I found a few interesting details that the media rarely mentions.

  • Hinckley was obsessed with John Lennon, a Communist who was being monitored by the FBI for his anti-war protest activity. Lennon also wrote about “No religion and war” in his hit song “Imagine” and Hinckley reportedly became very depressed after John Lennon was assassinated in NYC.
  • John Hinckley’s wealthy parents also threatened to ‘cut off’ money they were giving him to travel and live off of if he didn’t get a job. Hinckley’s psychiatrist recommended “He is immature. John needs to find a job, live alone and learn how to support himself”. So, money was a factor.

Hinckley felt he had nothing to live for or lose since his parents were ‘cutting off his money’ the following month. So, that is when he shot Ronald Reagan.

The Jodie Foster obsession evidence was there too. Hinckley called Foster numerous times when she attended Yale and he even recorded the calls. I’m not saying Hinckley was part of a conspiracy or Communist plot, but Reagan’s anti-Communist views were well documented. So, clearly Hinckley wasn’t a fan of Capitalism… if he targeted Reagan.

Hinckley knew that Foster was attending Yale, an Ivy League University that is a breeding ground for Left leaning Elitists. Shooting Reagan (the symbol of Capitalism) was a way for Hinckley to impress Jodie Foster.

Later in life, Foster did show her Leftist colors during a speech at the University of Pennsylvania as described in this article.

Hinckley pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity at his trial for shooting Reagan, but a Secret Service Agent that interviewed him stated: “John Hinckley clearly knew the difference between right and wrong”. This statement means Hinckley wasn’t insane.

Hinckley’s parents cutting off his money set off his plan to shoot Reagan; rather than his obsession with Jodie Foster like has been reported over the years. ‘The Left’ saw Ronald Reagan as the leader of the Capitalist movement that they despised.

Reports claim politics had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, but maybe investigators didn’t want to ‘see it’.

Journalist Wayne Allyn Root claims that the students at Columbia University ‘stood up and cheered’ when they heard the news that Ronald Reagan was shot. Why? Reagan was seen as a symbol of corporate greed and Capitalism; that the left hated. Hinckley clearly hated Reagan too.

John Hinckley wasn’t crazy. He was just a Liberal…

Hinckley was found NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity. This verdict shocked the world….

A final note:

John Lennon did give up his Communist ways prior to his death. This is an article from TMZ that claims Lennon turned his back on the left wing movement to become a supporter of Ronald Reagan one year before his assassination. Here is a video of John Lennon bashing Socialism and the hippies.

Google Search moves ‘The Conservative Monster’ to page 10 behind The Huffington Post and Mother Jones

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Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Google has moved The Conservative Monster to page 10 behind The Huffington Post and Mother Jones after you search the term “Conservative News”.

Clearly, Google is more afraid of The Conservative Monster than they are of Drudge since they put him on page one. Note, that Drudge doesn’t have the word “Conservative” in his title like The Conservative Monster does. Also, Drudge (and other sites ahead of me) don’t have the term “Conservative News” in their headline like my site does.

The powers that be want you all to read the ‘mainstream sites’ such as Drudge and the Huffington Post, because they go along with the ‘mainstream script’ unlike me. I have no boundaries and this scares them.

My point is: The powers that be are at war with The Conservative Monster instead of DRUDGE. They see me as a bigger threat and that is obvious.

The Vatican shifts on Gays

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Steve Cooper
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The Vatican has bowed down to the Communist Left…

Post by RT.

The Warning Signs of an International Communist Conspiracy

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Steve Cooper
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A Left Winger was questioning my commentary on the International conspiracy to keep Obama in office past his term. So, here are some thoughts.

International Communism was goal of Vladimir Lenin and it’s still alive judging by the protesters at the Global Warming rallies. These protesters openly called for “World Socialism” in streets all around the world.

Interviews with these protesters revealed their belief that Socialism on a global level is the answer to the worlds problems such as ‘poverty, war and disease like Ebola’. Many liberals are more covert about their support for socialism, because they don’t want to be labeled a ‘communist’.

I have always challenged liberals to be more open about their Socialist beliefs. They should plead their case if they say Socialism is a better system them Capitalism. The real goal of Socialism is stealing wealth and this is why it’s a ‘criminal conspiracy’.

I’ve always said that the Communist conspiracy isn’t something that is written down on paper since the goal is criminal. The goal is to undermine the US Government and Capitalism (Sedition).

Liberals have whispered in the shadows for years about their International Socialist desires, but the Internet has brought many out of he closet. Just search the term “International Socialism” on Twitter and you will know what I mean. The Communist surprise attack now has light showing on it. Many people are seeing the agenda, because the enemy is more brazen.

Anyone that shouts about Imperialism, Fascism and calls for equality is a Communist that doesn’t have the guts to admit it publicly, but they will deny it right to your face. They will even call you paranoid and crazy for calling them a Communist, but they do that to scare you away. Liberals are Communists judging by ‘the propaganda’ they are spreading. There is no need for them to admit it publicly.

Electing a Marxist to be President (who’s middle name is Hussein) 7 years after the 9/11 attacks is proof that I’m right about this conspiracy to undermine the US Government and Capitalism.

The Muslim terrorism the US is facing peaked after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The first attack took place against the World Trade Center in 1993. Many analysts and former Soviet Intelligence defectors have stated the Muslim terrorist conspiracy to attack the West is coming from the Kremlin, but these opinions are being kept out of the media. I believe the reason to keep the Russian threat silent is to avoid panic and raise tensions. Another reason is the liberal media are showing their obedience to the Kremlin.

KGB defectors have admitted that their main job after WW II was subversion of American society whether it was in Universities, the media, the law schools or Hollywood.

Obama and Putin were and still are allies. Don’t believe anything in the media about a feud, because it is deception so people don’t see Obama’s alliance with our enemy, the Kremlin. The Democrat alliance with Moscow goes way back and it’s well documented. From trying to undermine Reagan’s Space Wars program to denying Russian involvement by proxy with Muslim terrorism (via Iran).

American Leftists are constantly parroting the talking points that come out of the Russian and Iranian media. This is proof that the International Communist Conspiracy is still alive and well. Obama is seen as the leader of the global Socialist movement, but Hillary Clinton is hated by the Left. The International Left doesn’t want to risk the chance of a Republican winning in 2016.

So, this is why I believe now is the time for them to strike (along with their Muslim allies) to bring about “Global Change”. The Communist Revolution of the 60’s failed, but they believe this next revolution has a good chance to bring down Capitalism and the US Govt. I think this is possible since I see no resistance coming from the US Military leaders that are sworn to defend Americans from ‘ Foreign and Domestic’ enemies.

Liberals also see UN Treaties as a way to undermine the US Constitution. TREASON is what they live for….

Russel Brand warns about Global Warming, a Fascist Regime and Revolution. Is he a paranoid Marxist?

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Steve Cooper
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I sent this comment to Russel Brand on Twitter….

Stop flying around on your private jets with your Marxist pals. No, you just want the peasants to suffer!


Alan Colmes downplays Islamic threat and 9/11: “That was 13 years ago!”

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Steve Cooper
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