Will Ron Paul Blame Syria’s Violence on American Foreign Policy?

Steve Cooper redalertnow.com   Russian foreign policy is the problem in Syria. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy. Ron Paul is a disgrace and that man needs to be bounced from the Read More …

Facebook Threat for Writing a Psychological Profile of an Alleged Mass Murderer

Click the image to enlarge     Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com     The left wing loons reported me to Facebook, because they are hysterical that I dared to bring up Darwinism & Marxist Revolution as Read More …

MSNBC: Don’t Blame Darwin for the Colorado Shooting

  I guess MSNBC is reading the Conservative Monster.com?   http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/21/12879842-dont-blame-the-shootings-on-darwin-or-on-gods-wrath?lite     Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist? http://redalertnow.com/?p=1779 Psychological Profile of James Holmes: Educated, Unemployed Revolutionary http://redalertnow.com/?p=1757   http://sensuouscurmudgeon.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/colorado-shooter-james-holmes-darwin/  

George Costanza Actor Jason Alexander Releases Anti-Gun Rant Following ‘Dark Knight’ Shootings

I think it is time for McCarthyism in Hollywood again 🙂 These left wing sniveling cowards just want the American people to be unarmed sitting ducks. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/george-costanza-actor-releases-lengthy-anti-gun-statement-following-dark-knight-shootings/

Call for Congress to Investigate Marxist Indoctrination in the Universities of America’s Youth

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   The Universities are producing an assembly line of Marxist Revolutionaries as Obama ensures there are no jobs available when they graduate. —  – The C Monster ‏@cnin   Congress investigates nonsense Read More …

“The Conservatives”: Movie Responds to Left Wing Class Warfare

  Capitalism did not fail; it was attacked by the International Marxists and Muslims on 9/11. – Steve Cooper   http://townhall.com/tipsheet/townhall.comstaff/2012/07/19/the_conservatives_movie_response_to_liberal_class_warfare

Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist?

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   UPDATE:   I have investigated the links between Atheism, Darwinism and Marxism for the past 5 years. Radical Darwinists are the most intolerant and hateful people that I have ever encountered Read More …