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Is the Russian Media ‘Planting’ Conspiracy Theories Regarding Downed Malaysian Jet?

Conservative News Update: This is classic ‘Soviet’ deception and misdirection… Russia detected presence of Ukrainian SU-25 combat jet some 3-5 kilometers from Malaysian #MH17 plane before crash – Russian military — RIA Novosti (@ria_novosti) July 21, 2014 Russia never transferred…

Flashback to 2010: “Newest Extreme Right Demand: Bring Back McCarthyism”

Conservative News Update: The Southern Poverty Law center published this article about The Conservative Monster in 2010. Cooper, a prolific blogger and Internet radio personality who writes and broadcasts at, has been working towards a full-blown exhumation of McCarthy’s…

Mika Brzezinski: Republicans Attacking Hillary Clinton Are Misogynistic, Sexist Hypocrites

Conservative News Update: Liberals love to shout words like sexism or racism to silence opinion. Nice try, but it doesn’t work on this website. After all, what difference does it make?