Simple NSA Terror Scenario to Learn From

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


First, I can clearly understand why people are nervous about the NSA data collection program while a Communist is at the helm, but we still need to have faith in some of our Military leaders; otherwise all is lost. Edward Snowden and Obama are BOTH Revolutionaries. Let that sink into your head a bit.


General Alexander swore under oath the other day that the NSA program is not invading the privacy of Americans, but the program is classified. This program was compromised by a traitor that is currently giving China and most likely Russia, crucial American secrets.


Al Qaeda has already changed their Internet tactics due to this leak.


Data collection doesn’t mean that the data is being reviewed, because it would take forever. I am pretty sure that they will search for keywords just like we do on the Internet. I made this scenario simple for anyone to understand, because the media is confusing people by trying to paint Edward Snowden as a ‘patriot’.


Conservative Patriots don’t break bread with Communist countries, but Libertarians and Liberals seem to have no problem participating in treasonous activities.



  • The FBI is monitoring the phone calls of terrorist #1 and they see that he as a NEW contact and they label him terrorist #2.
  • They observe that terrorist #1 and #2 are exchanging many phone calls, but they have no idea if these two suspects have spoken in the past. How long are they associated and with whom?

With data collection, the FBI can get a search warrant and then go back into the past (just like your DVR) and review their past contacts.

This is not a violation of privacy. This is good POLICE WORK….


Libertarians and Liberals are against this, because many of them clearly have something to hide. I can understand people being nervous about this or the possibility of blackmail since a radical like Obama is in office. The IRS targeting Conservatives is a perfect example of corruption.


Many suspect that the IRS scandal reaches right to Obama’s desk and I agree with that assessment.


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NSA General: Snowden Did Enormous Damage to National Security

General Alexander

Steve Cooper

Although Alexander said he favors transparency and telling Americans some of the ways in which the NSA collects data, he cautioned against giving away too much. “I would rather take a public beating and people think I’m hiding something than to jeopardize the security of this country,” he said.

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Michelle Obama snubs Chinese First Lady

Michelle Obama

Steve Cooper


Can the First Lady be impeached? Someone has to go at this point….


The NY Daily News reported:

Michelle Obama will be a no show when her husband attends the China-U.S. Summit in California this weekend, a slap in the face to the Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan.

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Post 9/11: The Final Push to Take Down Capitalism

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

It is no secret that the Democrats have been communists for many years, but in 2003 I warned people that it looks like they are making a final big push to take down Capitalism. I knew this by their aggressive actions and propaganda against the Iraq War. A war that they voted for and then they pulled out the rug from the US Troops once their boots were on the ground.

9/11 was used as a distraction to get this done. They wanted the people to look at Islam instead of Communism, but they are both working together. The plan worked like a charm, because still many sheep have no clue about the Communist and Muslim alliance.

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left

Twelve years after 9/11 and still people walk around saying “Never forget” like a bunch of zombies, but they will look at you like you are crazy if you say that it was done by Communists as well as Muslims to take down Capitalism. It is as plain as the nose on your face that the Communists and Muslims are working together, but people are easily distracted by the media lies.

Sure, the puppet masters behind Al Qaeda ALLOWED Obama to make gains in the war against terrorism for a reason. Bin Laden was just a figurehead that outlived his usefulness so…they handed him over to Obama. This was needed to give Obama badly needed credibility and to distract people away from Obama’s further sabotage of the American economy and national defense.

Do you mean to tell me that you believe the US Military flew helicopters into the most heavily guarded area of Pakistan without getting shot down? You have seen too many Rambo movies. Obama and the media told you so it must be true?

I also find it very interesting that Bin Laden was killed on May Day, a Communist holiday. Something else that the media never linked for many reasons.

Obama is winding down the wars? How do you actually ‘wind down wars’? I didn’t hear anything about Al Qaeda surrendering. Obama withdrew US Troops from Iraq and this gave Iran (the real 9/11 culprits) a big strategic advantage. This is why the wars are allowed to ‘wind down’…for now.

I didn’t hear anything about killing the new Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri that is probably hiding in Iran or Russia. Zawahiri was also trained in Russia the same as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon terrorist. I guess Putin told Obama hands off of Zawahiri, because he is an ‘old friend’ of the KGB/FSB.

Do you still think that the Russian link to the Boston terror attack was a coincidence? Of course you do, because Obama’s left wing media has you all brainwashed.

Back to the war against Capitalism that is never mentioned:

I suspect that Obama and Putin are waiting for Israel to hammer Syria and Iran so they can be blamed for the repercussions such as $200 oil and Muslim terrorism in the US. The media will go into full ‘blame Israel’ mode and that will be that.

The economy and dollar will tank, along with the Euro. This is what both Russia and China want. A New World Currency that they will have more control over. –

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Michael Savage: “Obama Scandals are a Distraction for Something Much Worse that they are Planning”

Steve Cooper


Michael Savage is correct when he says the US Military will be decimated on purpose by Obama.

I have stated many times that Obama and our ‘enemies’ are staging the collapse of the US Economy and Military very similar to the way the USSR staged their collapse. This is for strategic purposes…a strategic surrender to the enemy to bring in the World Government.

I suspect the US Military leaders are also on board, because they want to prevent WW III to bring in the World Government. This is why I feel terrible for these Soldiers that lost their lives, arms and legs for what? To be betrayed.

Sounds crazy? I will be proven correct very soon. The Tea Party rookies don’t believe anything unless it has a Fox News stamp on it and that is the problem.

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Mayor Bloomberg: Become a Plumber if you are not smart enough for Harvard

Hilarious Daily News Photo – Mike Bloomberg as a Plumber

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Elite are making it known that they want more peasants. The College degree has been watered down and the job market has changed. There are not enough jobs for EVERY college graduate.

Don’t get me wrong: I did Construction for over 10 years, but it is very hard work. Many of these college kids would like a desk job like their parents have.

The North American Union was the big talk years ago, but I believe that they are just going to bypass it and go straight into World Government. Using Latin American slaves for cheap labor in America will still be the goal, but a global tax is near.

The Democrats are always raving about China’s model (Communism) as they use slave labor to make cheap products. Small Businesses and Corporations are very competitive these days. They can’t afford to pay union wages and make a profit when their competitor is making their product with slave wages.

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Watergate: Was Richard Nixon really searching for evidence of Democrats on the Payroll of the Soviet Union?

Mao meets Nixon

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This is one of the most fascinating stories that I have ever read and I believe every word of it. Conspiracy theory? You tell me…but I found this story on the Internet many years ago (2005) and it is still here.

The author of this article claims to be a man that fled Czechoslovakia in 1968. His father in law held the rank of a Major in the Communist Secret Police, but he still fled after the Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia.

Did Nixon have evidence that George McGovern and Bill Clinton were KGB assets? Is this why Hillary Clinton wanted to destroy Richard Nixon so badly? – Watergate Counsel: Hillary was a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”

The article states this about how Bill and Hillary originally got together:

Bill got Hillary an extraordinary job. The job was to listen to all of Nixon’s tapes and try to find incriminating evidence against Nixon. Or destroy any evidence against Bill Clinton and McGovern.

I believe those missing 16 or 18 minutes was edited out by Hillary when she learned that Nixon had a conversation about Bill Clinton and George McGovern as Soviet KGB agents. I believe that’s how their “marriage” came about. Bill and Hillary created an unbreakable pact between them.

In 1969 Bill Clinton traveled through Europe. Supposedly penniless, he stayed in the National Hotel, the most expensive hotel in Moscow. That was the time he was staging demonstrations in Moscow against America’s involvement in the Vietnam war.

From Moscow he went to London doing the same thing.


Was Nixon set up by Communist China’s leader Mao and the Soviets when he gave this ‘secret info’ to him, about Democrats accepting bribes from the Soviet Union? Was there a KGB Agent among Nixon’s trusted advisers that tipped off the Democrats? This is deep stuff…

It is no secret that the Democrats have always been in bed with the Communists and that they both want to destroy the Republican Party. This goes way back to the Vietnam war days.


It is a long story …but WORTH THE READ.

The report states:

 George McGovern, Democratic U.S. Senator visited Moscow and met with Leonid Brezhnev in 1967. Brezhnev gave him $600,000. Right after that McGovern went to Cuba and met with Fidel Castro.

How does Richard Nixon fit into the picture? In February 1972 Mao Tse Tung and Nixon had a very secret discussion. China’s relationship with Russia started to fall apart. Mao was the only communist leader – except Brezhnev – who knew about Clinton and McGovern. Mao intended to make Nixon obligated forever – and he did.

On 2/27/72 Mao revealed the information about Bill Clinton as a “sleeper” and the possible future White House occupant. He also told Nixon about McGovern and the money. Who can prove this information? Mr. Shi Zhe – very old, but still alive. He was Mao Tse Tung’s personal translator who translated Mao’s information to Nixon.


What is interesting is that Nixon planned a trip to Moscow, because he reportedly wanted more information on whether Democrats were being bribed by the Soviets. The first Watergate break in happened 6 days after Nixon returned from the Soviet Union.

The very next day Nixon ordered a few men to break into the DNC headquarters in the Watergate. Nixon didn’t tell them what to look for so they looked and looked but didn’t find anything on 6/7/72. Nobody knew about this break in — except the KGB.

Someone in the Nixon administration who was very close to Nixon was a KGB agent! The KGB advised Bill Clinton and George McGovern about the first break in.

At the time of the second break in, the Democrats had their people waiting for them and caught the burglars. They knew the exact date and time of the second break in.

George McGovern blamed US Policy for Soviet aggression around the world. Today, this is the same mentality that Leftists and Ron Paul have about the US and Muslim terrorism.

McGovern wrote in his autobiography, Grassroots (1978): “Without excusing the aggressive behavior of the Soviets in Eastern Europe after 1945, I have always believed that we not only overreacted to it, but indeed helped to trigger it by our own post-World War II fears.” – Times Opinion Piece

Henry Kissinger was a “Soviet” Agent by Henry Makow Ph.D.

McGovern – Drop the Cuba Embargo

Bill Clinton and the KGB

Former KGB Agent “Ted Kennedy was a Useful Idiot”


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