BRICS countries near development bank deal to rival IMF

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Dinesh D’Souza Schools Bill Ayers on the World: “Russia and China would use their ‘power’ more brutally”

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Russian media and Chinese billionaire exploit NYC homeless for propaganda

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Dog Eating Festival in China

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This is a perfect example of Socialism at it’s best. Do you think the wealthy Chinese Elite are eating dog? Not unless they are insane…

Remember, Mao starved 20 million people to death. These Chinese people have heard the horror stories and this is why they will eat anything that moves or doesn’t move!

Michael Savage: Muslims are slaughtering elephants in Africa to fund terrorism

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Those slaughtered elephants are
the canaries in the coal mine

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Animal-rights champion Michael Savage condemned the renewed slaughter of endangered African elephants for their ivory.

He points the finger at three culprits: the Chinese who are driving the demand for ivory, the Muslim terrorists who are poaching the elephants to fund their crimes, and the Obama administration for doing nothing to stop these massacres.

“Islamic militants are slaughtering elephants in Africa and using the money to carry out their terror attacks,” Savage explained to his audience, adding:


The media won’t tell you that.

Under Mr. Obama, the Islamic hoards are on the rise, not on the run.

The elephants are now the canaries in the coal mine.

If terrorists will slaughter these magnificent creatures, and if they will slaughter Christians with impunity, and the world does nothing, how long will it be before a bomb goes off at your mother’s house?

We have the most powerful weapons on earth, yet we have the biggest cowards in charge of them.

They sit around talking about gay rights and global warming.

We have to stop the trade in ivory to the Chinese, our old friends who think it’s so cool to have a little carving made of ivory.

What kind of humans do we have on this planet, who will slaughter Christians and we do nothing?

Maybe now the liberals who don’t care about Christians being massacred by Islamic militants will care about the elephants.

Visit the Michael Savage website here.

Is Iran using Sunni Al Qaeda in Iraq as a distraction?

Conservative News Update:

If you stand back away from the media reports you will see that Iran is using Sunni terrorists to justify a total takeover of Iraq and their oil wells.

The goal is to also create chaos in the region to raise the price of RUSSIAN and IRANIAN oil and to put more fear into the hearts of Israeli’s.

Obama is loading up US Military bases with illegal aliens as Iran is using Sunni terrorists to smash Iraq from within.  The collapse of the US Economy and Military is being staged from within the same as the Soviet collapse was staged (for strategic purposes).

Why is Iran using Sunni terrorists? So, they can deny any connection to them since Iran is Shiite. Instead, their enemies get blamed. This is brilliant deception.

Here are some other interesting points:

  1. Iran used Sunni (Saudi) terrorists to attack the US on 9/11 to point the blame towards the Saudi Government. Iran (and Syria) also trained, funded and armed Al Qaeda in Iraq to kill US Soldiers during the Iraq War.
  2. Iran executed 9/11 and they were never punished for it. (‘Never forget’ that).
  3. Russia and China threatened WW III if George Bush ever bombed or invaded their terror proxy, Iran for the 9/11 attacks.
  4. Democrats, Liberals and Libertarians gave aid and comfort to Iran after 9/11 by shouting war criminal and impeach Bush when they feared the President would bomb Iran. This is no secret folks.