Annan: I cry for Syria Everyday; We need to listen to Russia and China more

Steve Cooper


What a Communist fraud this man is…

Russia and Iran are arming and emboldening the genocide. – Best Selling Appliances


Steve Cooper


I have been warning about the Communist threat since I was a teenager in 1978. Michael Savage has been a great influence for the spirit that is contained on The Conservative Monster and I will always support him.

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Poll: Obama Beats Romney Among Russians

Steve Cooper


42% of the Russian people support Obama and they believe that it would be a plus for Russia’s ‘national interests’. Only 4% believe that a Romney win would benefit Russia.

I give Romney credit for speaking the truth about Russia being the USA’s “greatest Geopolitical foe”, because his comment verifies most of what is said on The Conservative Monster.

You have to be dumb as a rock to not see the Russian threat by now especially since the Democrats are working day and night to undermine the Capitalism from within. The American Communists have an unwritten code that they all abide by and that code is “follow Moscow’s lead”.

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UN Official Warns Americans Not To Elect Mitt Romney…

Steve Cooper

This UN official is upset that Romney will bring back water boarding? I would be water boarding UN Officials if I were President. So, he should consider himself lucky.

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Astrologer Warns Michael Savage: “Obama is a Born Dictator”

Steve Cooper

The media has many people fooled that Obama is a moderate Democrat. No moderate is friends with Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, but the sheep believe anything they are told. Baaaaaa

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Russian Nuclear Test is a Pre-Election Message to the USA to Vote for Obama?

Steve Cooper


Newt, Hannity and the rest keep repeating the same nonsense that Reagan defeated Communism, but I don’t think Obama and Putin got that memo. – Steve Cooper


The Russians tested their nuclear arsenal to show the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t worry, because the Democrats are collaborators….I mean allies with the Russians.

This Reuters article contains the usual ‘liberal talking points’ by stating that Russia and the US were rivals at one time. Also that Putin is doing this to rally support among the Russian people. Liberals always say that the Russian and Iranian people ‘love Americans’, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Putin does NOT want Romney to be elected, because of his comment about “Russia being the greatest Geopolitical foe of the USA”. This comment even surprised me, because most Republicans lack the guts to say anything negative about Russia publicly.

Newt, Hannity and the rest keep repeating the same nonsense that Reagan defeated Communism, but I don’t think Obama and Putin got that memo. Russia is stilling fighting the USA via proxies like they did in Korea and Vietnam; except this time it is through Iran and their Al Qaeda proxies.

The Republicans know exactly what Putin meant by doing this nuclear test just 2 weeks before the election, but most Tea Party rookies have no clue.

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October Surprise? Obama cuts deal with Iran over Nukes

Steve Cooper


The Iranian terror state (proxy of Russia) will do anything to keep Obama in the White House. Any Jewish American that votes for Obama is a traitor to the Nation of Israel.

Is this the October surprise that warned about?

Obama cuts deal with Iran over nukes

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