Columbia classmate: Obama using IRS to punish me

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These sorts of things happen under Communism….

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Important Tweets About Marxist Infiltration of the USA



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Police Recover 52 Molotov Cocktails Linked to Bombing Plot of Oklahoma Churches

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UPDATE –  A man claiming to be a friend of Gregory A. Weiler II states that he was NOT part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I think he would have fit right in with that crowd.



Gregory A. Weiler II was arrested for allegedly planning to bomb dozens of Churches in Oklahoma. Police recovered 52 Molotov Cocktails from a dumpster as evidence.

I am curious if Gregory A. Weiler II was linked to Occupy Wall Street in any way. Did he attend protests? What was his major in Bradley University? What were his thoughts about Darwinism, Global Warming and Marxism?

The suspect must really despise religion for him to allegedly plot something so evil. He fits the profile of a Communist/Atheist, because from my experience they seem to hate religion more than anyone else. He certainly doesn’t sound like a Christian Conservative to me. The left owns this suspected revolutionary and he is a product of Liberal Academia just like the rest of the radical leftists.  

Religious leaders are silent about the Communist, Atheist and Muslim threat to destroy religion and it is a damn shame. The censorship of Communism is already here.

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Facebook Threatens to Ban Twitchy

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Michelle Malkin wanted her fans to spread this information and I am one of those fans. Malkin is one of the few journalists that I have respect for. The list of journalists with integrity is getting smaller each day.

I am curious why Barack Obama is following “I like tits daily” on Twitter. –

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Chris Matthews attacks Jack Welch On Jobs Conspiracy: ‘Do You Want To Take That Back?’ (VIDEO)

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I find it very interesting that the economy collapsed just when McCain was 3 points ahead of Obama in 2008 and now it is getting better in 2012 during a tight race with Romney.

Am I the only person watching this ‘fiction thriller’?

What you are witnessing is ‘manipulation of the masses’ via terrorism and economic sabotage.

Jack Welch: ‘I Wasn’t Kidding’

Chris Matthews attacks Jack Welch On Jobs Conspiracy: ‘Do You Want To Take That Back?’ (VIDEO) 

Kevin Freeman: Economic Terrorism Against America Best Sellers – Computers

Editorial on Obama/Biden Confiscation of Wealth

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So, you are saying “good, raise the taxes on the rich”. I believe that you will change your opinion when your wealth is taken away, because it is just a matter of time. The national debt is so massive that taxing the rich will not even dent the debt. That is when they will come for the middle class.

The high corporate taxes have forced many companies to move overseas for cheaper taxes and wages. Please explain to me how Government confiscation of 60%-70% of your wealth is ‘freedom’?

Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. wrote an editorial in a Kenyan newspaper calling for 100% of a workers salary to be sent to the government in exchange for ‘services’. Do you think that they can’t do it? Just watch them.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Editorial Called for 100% Taxing of the Kenyan People

All of these phrases like ‘class warfare’, ‘social justice’ and ‘redistribution of wealth’ are code words for Communism, but that word has been cleansed from all media.

Obama used a Hillary Clinton line during the debate where he stated “I would take $4 billion from the oil companies”. Romney jumped all over that by saying “You gave 90 billion to Solyndra and you only pick the losers, not the winners”. That comment rocked Obama’s ego big time.


Many millionaires are donating money to Obama as well, because they will try to seek an IRS waiver (exemption) for their support. Why would the rich support a politician that wants to take their wealth away? They are supporting Obama for protection, because they know that the USA is heading towards a dictatorship when the house of cards does collapse. Eventually, these wealthy people will be abandoned and their money will be confiscated as well. They will then be executed if they dare to protest.

Special note for the rich liberals:

You can’t buy your way out of history repeating itself.

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Thomas Sowell: I was a Marxist until I worked for the Government

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