Video: Charles Krauthammer Debate Recap

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Above is a video of Charles Krauthammer giving an excellent and brief review of the debate.


I believe that Romney set up Obama by mentioning he went on an “apology tour”. Obama took the bait and he answered back “that is just not true”.

Romney struck back by saying

“Obama toured the world while giving apologies, skipped Israel (the Israeli’s noticed) and the USA doesn’t dictate to nations; we liberate them from dictators”. That comment had Obama looking like a deer in the headlights.

I do believe that Romney should have gone after the lies about Libya that the Obama Administration told. Romney also could have went further to explain how Russia is a geopolitical threat to the world and that the Democrat Party has a history of ‘romancing the Soviets’.

I do agree with most analysts that Romney looked Presidential at the debate by not falling into a street brawl with Obama, the Community Organizer.

Obama claimed that Romney is still stuck in the 1980’s Cold War mentality and I blame the Republicans for this, because they continue to tell the lie that Reagan defeated Communism. Someone needs to give that memo to Putin and Soros, because I am not sure they know that Reagan defeated anything. Putin wants to rebuild the old Soviet Empire saying that “the collapse of the USSR was a great tragedy”.

Romney did bring up Obama’s open mic incident with Russian President Medvedev when he claimed that “he will have more flexibility after the election”.

Why does Poland want a missile defense system to protect themselves from the Russians if Communism indeed did fall?

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Son of Wisconsin Senator Attacked by Obama Supporters


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Annan: I cry for Syria Everyday; We need to listen to Russia and China more

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What a Communist fraud this man is…

Russia and Iran are arming and emboldening the genocide. – Best Selling Appliances


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I have been warning about the Communist threat since I was a teenager in 1978. Michael Savage has been a great influence for the spirit that is contained on The Conservative Monster and I will always support him.

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Poll: Obama Beats Romney Among Russians

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42% of the Russian people support Obama and they believe that it would be a plus for Russia’s ‘national interests’. Only 4% believe that a Romney win would benefit Russia.

I give Romney credit for speaking the truth about Russia being the USA’s “greatest Geopolitical foe”, because his comment verifies most of what is said on The Conservative Monster.

You have to be dumb as a rock to not see the Russian threat by now especially since the Democrats are working day and night to undermine the Capitalism from within. The American Communists have an unwritten code that they all abide by and that code is “follow Moscow’s lead”.

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UN Official Warns Americans Not To Elect Mitt Romney…

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This UN official is upset that Romney will bring back water boarding? I would be water boarding UN Officials if I were President. So, he should consider himself lucky.

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Astrologer Warns Michael Savage: “Obama is a Born Dictator”

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The media has many people fooled that Obama is a moderate Democrat. No moderate is friends with Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, but the sheep believe anything they are told. Baaaaaa

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