Europe on the verge of collapse: Soros

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Steve Cooper

About 10 years ago or so I said:

“Europe will collapse into communism and it will melt into Putin’s hand like butter.”

ROOT: Even Marxist scumbag George Soros now admits what open borders & letting in a million poverty stricken Muslim…

Posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did Earl Warren Undermine The Ability to Charge Communists with Sedition?

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Steve Cooper

I will try to keep this as simple as possible:

The Smith Act was established to protect the US from acts of Sedition to overthrow the US Govt. and required all non-citizen adult residents to register with the government.

Yates v. United States, 354 U.S. 298 (1957), was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States that held that the First Amendment protected radical and reactionary speech, unless it posed a “clear and present danger.”

SCOTUS was headed by Earl Warren at the time when the Yates judgement was handed down. The decision said that Seditious speech by Communist organizations was protected by free speech. Many of America’s domestic enemies who work in Universities as Professors are currently hiding behind the Yates decision.

This is why I keep telling ‘Constitutionalists’ that the US Constitution is currently shielding America’s ‘domestic enemies’ from prosecution and it’s also failing to protect the American people by allowing this.

The US is currently in a State of Emergency. The danger is coming from enemies within who many believe are conspiring the collapse of US Capitalism and the US Government. Does this justify martial law to enable the arrest of Professors who are a clear and present danger to liberty due to brainwashing the youth to despise the US, Capitalism, religion and to worship murdering revolutionaries such as Che Guevara?

This Marxist Revolutionary mindset is within the heads of many mass shooters whether they are Muslim, Anarchists or Marxists lashing out at ‘society’ (not all). Many of these questions are unanswered since the FBI are constantly cleansing the social media accounts of these mass shooters from the public.

There is no ‘fair trial’ to undermine if the mass shooting suspect is dead. So, why are they so adamant about covering the social media trail? Are they afraid of copy cats? Well, the Universities are loaded with lone wolf, copy cat mass shooters who are just waiting for the right time to lash out at Capitalist society.

Today, our domestic enemies hide under many different labels, but notice very few admit to being a Socialist or Communist. Liberals, Libertarians and Democrats would instantly attack you if you dared to call them out for being communists, BUT this has changed the past few years since the light is shining on their agenda to destroy capitalism.

There is no evidence to suggest that Chief Justice Earl Warren was a Communist, but his court certainly gave them protection to undermine the US from within.

Notice that The Warren Commission investigation of the JFK Assassination accomplished nothing? It just went into a circle of theories. Was this to prevent a nuclear war with the Soviet Union over a possible link to Lee Harvey Oswald?

The Warren Commission ‘excused’ the Soviet Union from any blame for the JFK Assassination despite the fact that he lived in the USSR for 3 years. It’s suspicious…

Oswald was deeply interested with Marxism, defected to the Soviet Union and he had a Russian wife. In the book Programmed to Kill (Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB and the Kennedy Assassination)

In his book, Pacepa claims that the Soviet Government cancelled the Kennedy Assassination, but Oswald went through with it anyway. Was this just a way of the USSR denying any connection? Plausible deniability? It’s possible since deception seems to be their method of operation.

Report of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

Wash Po: It’s time to remove the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement from the Constitution

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Steve Cooper

Thanks Brandon…

Do you see? This is the real agenda. This is why Obama’s eligibility and Cruz’s were ignored. The establishment wants foreign control of the White House.

Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he’s a diehard communist

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Steve Cooper

The American sheep believe Ronald Reagan defeated communism and the Soviet Union.

It’s the biggest hoax in World History.

ROOT: This is how far America has fallen…Democrats like a pure communist. He's actually got a shot.

Posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Petition Starts to Demand ‘4 More Years’ for Obama

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Steve Cooper

I predicted that the Communists would start with this crap….

More – SOTU: Liberals on Twitter Want Obama to Serve ‘4 More Years’

SOTU: Liberals on Twitter Want Obama to Serve ‘4 More Years’

4 more1

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Steve Cooper

Obama’s Benghazi ‘Aura of Guilt’

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Steve Cooper


I’ve mentioned this before:

In the summer of 2012, I became suspicious when the Russian media and Hillary Clinton were butting heads. I was waiting for Hillary’s collapse as the American media was anointing her for 2016.

I wasn’t surprised at all after Benghazi happened and everything was dumped onto her lap….instead of Obama’s and Panetta’s.

I was also very suspicious of Obama’s ‘aura of guilt’ during the press conferences in the days after Benghazi when he stood next to Hillary.

It would be very easy for Obama to call his Muslim pals to arrange for the Benghazi attack so it could be used to destroy Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Will evidence be produced to back this up? Doubtful, but it doesn’t mean this theory still didn’t take place.

The FBI:

If Obama wanted to protect Hillary; this FBI investigation never would have seen the light of day at all. I am convinced Obama wants to destroy Hillary and my archives back up these claims. Ed Klein also backs up my theory…

Again, search my archives. It’s all documented. Nobody in the media has been more accurate than I have when it comes to Obama and Putin being flexible, Syria, the creation of ISIS and now Hillary’s legal problems.