How many more Americans will be ‘bumped’ from the workforce if Obama ‘orders’ Amnesty to Illegal Aliens?

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Steve Cooper
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I don’t remember the exact comments, but one time Megyn Kelly tore a guests head off for mentioning that women need to consider raising their kids more than jumping into the workforce.

Megyn needs to realize that not every ‘woman or family’ has the fund for childcare that is quality. It’s easy for Megyn to have this attitude when you look at her paycheck as compared to yours.

Plus, many families need dual incomes to survive. This is another problem.

I believe the Leftist movement to push women into the workforce was good for women, but it also expanded the workforce balloon in my opinion. Now take a look where we are.

There are over 90 million people out of the workforce and that number will get much worse if Obama gives amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens. The 11 million number being reported in the media is another LIE…

The Warning Signs of an International Communist Conspiracy

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative


A Left Winger was questioning my commentary on the International conspiracy to keep Obama in office past his term. So, here are some thoughts.

International Communism was goal of Vladimir Lenin and it’s still alive judging by the protesters at the Global Warming rallies. These protesters openly called for “World Socialism” in streets all around the world.

Interviews with these protesters revealed their belief that Socialism on a global level is the answer to the worlds problems such as ‘poverty, war and disease like Ebola’. Many liberals are more covert about their support for socialism, because they don’t want to be labeled a ‘communist’.

I have always challenged liberals to be more open about their Socialist beliefs. They should plead their case if they say Socialism is a better system them Capitalism. The real goal of Socialism is stealing wealth and this is why it’s a ‘criminal conspiracy’.

I’ve always said that the Communist conspiracy isn’t something that is written down on paper since the goal is criminal. The goal is to undermine the US Government and Capitalism (Sedition).

Liberals have whispered in the shadows for years about their International Socialist desires, but the Internet has brought many out of he closet. Just search the term “International Socialism” on Twitter and you will know what I mean. The Communist surprise attack now has light showing on it. Many people are seeing the agenda, because the enemy is more brazen.

Anyone that shouts about Imperialism, Fascism and calls for equality is a Communist that doesn’t have the guts to admit it publicly, but they will deny it right to your face. They will even call you paranoid and crazy for calling them a Communist, but they do that to scare you away. Liberals are Communists judging by ‘the propaganda’ they are spreading. There is no need for them to admit it publicly.

Electing a Marxist to be President (who’s middle name is Hussein) 7 years after the 9/11 attacks is proof that I’m right about this conspiracy to undermine the US Government and Capitalism.

The Muslim terrorism the US is facing peaked after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The first attack took place against the World Trade Center in 1993. Many analysts and former Soviet Intelligence defectors have stated the Muslim terrorist conspiracy to attack the West is coming from the Kremlin, but these opinions are being kept out of the media. I believe the reason to keep the Russian threat silent is to avoid panic and raise tensions. Another reason is the liberal media are showing their obedience to the Kremlin.

KGB defectors have admitted that their main job after WW II was subversion of American society whether it was in Universities, the media, the law schools or Hollywood.

Obama and Putin were and still are allies. Don’t believe anything in the media about a feud, because it is deception so people don’t see Obama’s alliance with our enemy, the Kremlin. The Democrat alliance with Moscow goes way back and it’s well documented. From trying to undermine Reagan’s Space Wars program to denying Russian involvement by proxy with Muslim terrorism (via Iran).

American Leftists are constantly parroting the talking points that come out of the Russian and Iranian media. This is proof that the International Communist Conspiracy is still alive and well. Obama is seen as the leader of the global Socialist movement, but Hillary Clinton is hated by the Left. The International Left doesn’t want to risk the chance of a Republican winning in 2016.

So, this is why I believe now is the time for them to strike (along with their Muslim allies) to bring about “Global Change”. The Communist Revolution of the 60’s failed, but they believe this next revolution has a good chance to bring down Capitalism and the US Govt. I think this is possible since I see no resistance coming from the US Military leaders that are sworn to defend Americans from ‘ Foreign and Domestic’ enemies.

Liberals also see UN Treaties as a way to undermine the US Constitution. TREASON is what they live for….

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Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Someone asked me how I knew Obama & Putin would stage a conflict in Syria over one year ago. I said: “I analyzed the propaganda and thought to myself ‘what would I do’ if I were a President that was on the side of the enemy?”.

The answer was “Stage a war with the Russians in Syria”.

There is NO WAY this wimpy liberal would dare take on the Russians and Muslim terrorists unless they already prearranged the outcome ‘behind closed doors’ to save his ass.

The Russians waited for Hillary to go away to plan this, because they hated her. I saw this plot forming after John Kerry replaced Hillary as Secretary of State. I even predicted on my website and social media numerous times that John Kerry would replace Hillary, because the Russians wanted him… NOT Susan Rice.

Notice Obama made Hillary and Susan Rice look like buffoons with Benghazi? He did that to be ‘flexible’ with Vladimir Putin so he could slide John Kerry right into the State Department.

Plus, this is all a great distraction for Iran’s nuclear plants, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the midterm elections to save the Democrats from annihilation.

Concern about Isis attacking the US

Conservative News Update:

The reports that Isis will come to US to commit terrorism is true and this is why:

  • Obama withdrew US Troops from Iraq. So, there is no reason for Isis to stay there.
  • Isis is really Al Qaeda (both are hired Iranian Sunni proxies). I believe the name was changed from Al Qaeda to Isis to protect Ayman Zawahiri, the current Al Qaeda leader since Bin Laden was killed. Zawahiri has publicly ‘disowned’ Isis, but what would you expect him to say? This puts the attention onto someone else.
  • Alexander Litvenenko (a former KGB agent that was poisoned in London) claimed that  Ayman Zawahiri was trained by the Russian Intelligence (FSB). Putin wants to protect his long time friend and Isis is the answer to Zawahiri’s prayers.

What would I do if I were charge?

  • I would have left US Troops in Iraq and then attacked Iran to move the front line there. Russia and China would be very upset since Iran is their #1 terrorist proxy that they use to attack the US with.
  • Iran would have been at a huge disadvantage since the US had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suspect the real reason Bush attacked Iraq was to have Iran surrounded since they assisted the 9/11 hijackers.



Will Putin claim US sanctions are a ‘declaration of war’ against Russia?

Conservative News Update:

I do expect Putin to claim that US and EU sanctions against Russia are a ‘declaration of war’ and a threat to Russian National Security. This is part of the staged feud that Obama and the EU are planning with Russia to dupe Americans into accepting World Government.

A major crisis is needed to convince people that World Govt. is needed to ensure Global stability from terrorism and economic collapse.  

I suspect that ‘they’ are also waiting for Israel to make a move on Iran so ‘the Jews can be blamed’. How so? I suspect Iranian terrorists will commit acts of terrorism against the US after an Israeli attack on Iran. This will be used as propaganda to turn Americans against Israel.

Plus, the plug will be pulled on the economy so ‘the Jews will be blamed’ for that as well.

I am writing this down now so these predictions are documented AFTER they do take place.    

Did the Russians expect a US Dollar collapse after the 9/11 attack?

Conservative News Update:

In July 2001, an article in Pravda suggested that Russians should get rid of all American investments due to a coming attack on the US Economic system by ‘stealth forces’.

The Russians planted the seed for the 9/11 Truther movement to distract attention away from Iranian involvement with the terror attacks on the US. Iran cleverly used Sunni’s and Saudi’s to deflect blame for 9/11 toward their enemy, Saudi Arabia.

Putin believed that 9/11 would have collapsed the dollar, but Bush held it all above water. The final stage of the ‘War against Capitalism’ started on 9/11/01.

Today, we are seeing Russia and China uniting to create their own global currency and banking system (BRICS) to take down the US dollar.  9/11 was just the beginning, because Putin isn’t finished yet.

Now do you understand why Ron and Rand Paul want to audit the Fed? Who are they really trying to help?

Israel is being set up to be blamed for the next Global Economic collapse once they attack Iran. The Socialists blamed Bush for the 2008 economic crash, but that was just another staged crisis to help get Obama into the White House since John McCain was beating him in the recent polls.

Read my 9/11 archives for more

Economic Terrorism Archives

Obama gave Iran a ‘moral victory’ over the US in Iraq

Conservative News Update:

What does the unrest in Iraq really mean?

That U.S. blood is ‘cheap’ and that terrorism can’t be defeated. How do Veterans feel now that they are seeing Iraq collapse right before their eyes on TV this time.

How many of these Muslim Cowboys (trained by Iran) killed US soldiers during the Iraq War?

Iraq collapsing is a victory for Obama in the Muslim world, because he has handed over control of the Middle East to the Kremlin & Iran. Clearly, Obama surrendered to Iran when he withdrew US Troops from Iraq just as he surrendered to the Taliban last week with the Bergdahl trade.  

I bet the Veterans that fought against communism around the globe felt the same way after a Marxist won the 2008 Presidential Election.

What difference does it make?

Don’t buy the media hype and reports about the Iraq violence. This is all being orchestrated by Iran to demoralize the American people, to raise the price of oil and to place Israel in greater danger.

Iran has used ‘Sunni terrorists’ as surrogates many times in the past. It is all for a much larger and greater cause. The American people are clueless about ‘deception’.

Russian President Putin must be dancing in the streets now that oil prices are going up again thanks to his Iranian terror proxies.

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