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Putin Threat: “Russia to respond ‘adequately’ if NATO approaches it’s borders”

Conservative News Update: Russia to respond adequately and proportionately if NATO approaches its borders – Putin — RIA Novosti (@ria_novosti) July 22, 2014

Did the Russians expect a US Dollar collapse after the 9/11 attack?

Conservative News Update: In July 2001, an article in Pravda suggested that Russians should get rid of all American investments due to a coming attack on the US Economic system by ‘stealth forces’. The Russians planted the seed for the…

Nato claims Moscow funding anti-fracking groups to undermine EU energy independence

Conservative News Update: I have been warning about the Russian infiltration and support of Environmental groups to sabotage energy production in the US and Europe for many years. Nobody had any idea what I was talking about. Use common sense, Russia…

Ukrainian leaflets warn residents of “Russian Terrorists”

Conservative News Update: Notice that the media claims these Russian terrorists are ‘Pro-Russia Militia’. Tell that to their Ukrainian victims.   Leaflets dropped on #Slavyansk, warn residents of ‘Russian terrorists’ (via @Lukeharding1968) — RT (@RT_com) April 24, 2014