Glenn Beck is the ‘Mister Rogers’ of Illegal Aliens

Conservative News Update:

Latino Comedian Shocks CNN Anchor With His Comments on Illegal Aliens

Michael Savage: “Obama plotted to break our borders down; this is a crime against America”

Conservative News Update:

Michael Savage: “Glenn Beck is pandering to illegal aliens; there has been a ‘Communist coup’ in this country”

Conservative News Update:

This is classic Michael Savage…….

REMEMBER, Glenn Beck sided with Obama on the Birther Issue. Now he is siding with Obama on immigration?

Muslim prayer rug found on the border (See my Facebook warning from earlier today)

Conservative News Update:

The illegal alien invasion on the border was orchestrated to allow Muslim terrorists to sneak into the US via the border. The sheep wanted change….it’s coming.

Link from DRUDGE

Sen. Cruz: “The President has time to meet with wealthy Democrat donors instead of seeing the children that are suffering”

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PHOTOS: Illegal Immigrant at Processing Center Wearing YES WE CAN Shoes

TY Laura …..

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