PHOTOS: Illegal Immigrant at Processing Center Wearing YES WE CAN Shoes

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Rep. Labrador: “Another Administration Official ‘making stuff up’ on Meet the Press”

Conservative News Update:

The Leftist desire to start a civil war over immigration

Conservative News Update:

The Leftist desire to start a civil war and a race war is no secret. Anyone with 5 brain cells can see it clear as day the way the LEFT try to bait minorities and other proxies into violence.

The LEFT are hell bent on starting the Communist revolution that they failed to complete during the 60’s.

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Rand Paul on Amnesty: “Imagine 12 Million New Taxpayers”

Conservative News Update:

What did I say? I said the liberals want to make the illegal aliens taxpayers to fund the Nanny State. How many times have I said this?

I told you all that Rand FRAUD was ‘one of them’.

Feds Release Criminals into the Population #Forward

I tried to warn the sheep that Obama wasn’t a Democrat. He is a Marxist Revolutionary, but this confused the American dimwits.

Michael Savage: “Is Obama trying to start a race war?”

Conservative News Update: