​Hamas rockets target Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor

Conservative News Update:

Muslim prayer rug found on the border (See my Facebook warning from earlier today)

Conservative News Update:

The illegal alien invasion on the border was orchestrated to allow Muslim terrorists to sneak into the US via the border. The sheep wanted change….it’s coming.

Link from DRUDGE


Iran’s Link to Al-Qaeda: The 9-11 Commission’s Evidence

Conservative News Update:

Iranian Support for the 9/11 Terrorists:

Iranian support for Al-Qaeda continued to increase, even as Clinton administration officials sought to extend an olive branch to the Islamic Republic.[9] The 9-11 Commission documented at length Iran’s continuing assistance to Al-Qaeda and recommended that the U.S. government further investigate Iranian links to Al-Qaeda:


Elite Hamas Commander killed in Gaza

Conservative News Update:

Al-Qaeda shows images of attack on Saudi border

Conservative News Update:

Iran is making a move on Saudi Arabia via Al Qaeda…just like I PREDICTED! Isis is really an Iranian orchestrated distraction…


IDF Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, spreads nuclear leak alert

Conservative News Update:

Saudi Arabia sends 30,000 troops to the Iraqi border

Conservative News Update:

Iran and Iraq really control ISIS just like I said they do. They are using ISIS as a reason to attack Saudi Arabia to steal their oil. It is clever misdirection to blame the Sunni’s. This is how they operate.

The liberals aren’t shouting ‘No war for oil’ now since this is all being sanctioned by Putin and Obama. Their inaction speaks for itself.

Eventually, the other goal is to drag Israel into this conflict as well.