Iran’s foreign minister calls for urgent assistance to Yemen

It’s time to attack Iran. Flatten that country and arrest any liberals against it.

Iran’s free pass for assisting the 9/11 hijackers is over. Are there any military leaders who have the balls to do it?

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Russia Today host questions Middle East expert Daniel Pipes about bombing Iran

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I’m surprised Russia Today asked Daniel Pipes onto their network. In this interview he talks about the danger of Iran’s ‘apocalyptic view’ is and also the danger of an EMP attack on the US.

Iran accuses White House of ‘lying’ about nuclear agreement | Fox News Video

The talking points seem to point towards war breaking out in the Middle East whether the Iran deal is signed or not.

Obama needs to get his ‘Civilian National Police Force’ together before Nov 2016. He has to exploit every police shooting possible.

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