(Ret) Gen. McInerny -“The tide was turned in 2011 when we handed Iraq over to Iran”

Conservative News Update:

Liberals keep bringing up the agreement that George Bush signed to withdraw US Troops from Iraq, but that was signed in 2008 after the violence dropped down.

The violence in Iraq picked up again after Obama took over and he could have changed the agreement since the situation changed on the ground. Obama chose to do nothing…

The Democrats voted for the Iraq war and then they undermined the troops once their boots were ‘on the ground’.

The #1 reason U.S. should not deal with Iran

Conservative News Update:

Iraq Distracts? NATO Says Russian Troops Massing Again Near Ukraine Border

Conservative News Update:

I wrote this editorial yesterday – IS THE IRAQ BLOODSHED A DISTRACTION FOR RUSSIA’S MEDDLING IN THE UKRAINE? and today this story breaks about how Russia is building up more troops on the Ukrainian border.

Once again, The Conservative Monster is ahead of the news. I didn’t hear ONE retired General or analyst on Fox News put this puzzle together.

The Russians are using their Iranian terror proxies to create chaos and distraction for their illegal Ukrainian invasion. Plus, this raises the price of oil.


Is the Iraq bloodshed a distraction for Russia’s meddling in the Ukraine?

Conservative News Update:

The Ukraine and Iraq both border Russia and Iran. So, it’s no coincidence blood is spilling in those countries. Iraq is a perfect distraction for what the Russians are doing in the Ukraine as well.

Last week there was a report of Russian tanks entering the Ukraine, but the Iraq bloodshed knocked that story out of the news.

There is no such thing as a coincidence these days when you are dealing with Marxist and Muslim terrorists that are hell bent on destroying the US and Israel.

Obama being in the White House is a huge set back of course.

The Conservative Monster is practically the only website that points out the terrorist nexus between Iran and Russia.

Iraqi PM Maliki and Iran could have crushed Al Qaeda/Isis in one hour, but they won’t do that since they work for them.

This Iraqi crisis is:

  • A great way to raise Russian oil prices since they are #2 behind Saudi Arabia
  • Creating chaos in the region and this makes Israel more nervous
  • A great way to commit genocide against people you don’t necessarily want around (Christians) without getting your hands dirty
  • A great way for Iran to point blame at the Saudi’s like they did on 9/11
  • Draw in Jihadists to train more terrorists to eventually attack the US and Israel

The Secrets of ISIS

Conservative News Update:

Al Qaeda should be sued for stealing the name Isis from this popular old TV show!

The Iraqi Shiite Govt is purposely sitting on their hands

Conservative News Update:

The Iraqi Shiite Govt is purposely sitting on their hands, because they want the Sunni’s to be blamed. They are all working together to create chaos, raise the price of oil and to hand Iraq over to Iran.

Iran also wants to draw in more Muslim terrorists for the coming war against Israel. Obama is in on it too, this is why he is playing GOLF. Don’t expect any of your Fox News heroes to tell you this, because they would be yanked off the air in 2 seconds.

Do you really believe a bunch of mutts in pick up trucks could take over town after town without being touched? I have a bridge to sell you.

Israeli military arrests 80 Palestinians in search for missing teens

Conservative News Update:

This could be what I was waiting for:

The Muslims needed to start a ‘fake’ conflict in Iraq and Syria as a reason to draw more Muslim terrorists into the region. Then arm and train them while they are there.

Then kidnap Israeli citizens or soldiers to get Israel involved.

I’m not buying the ‘conspiracy theory’ that the massive Al Qaeda Army that has invaded Iraq was armed by the US (the Syrian rebels). These terrorists are too well armed and organized.

Now the title has been changed from Al Qaeda to ISIS as a distraction. A Federal Judge already linked Iran to Al Qaeda when he ordered them to pay the families of the 9/11 victims. Hamas is also controlled by Iran.

The key is to have millions of Muslim terrorists surrounding Israel so they could be used as an invading force.  The hatred for Shiites and Assad is just a cover for their real ‘purpose’ and that is to kill Israeli’s and any Americans in the region.

As far as the Syrian rebels go: Assad could wipe them out within 4 hours if he wanted to. The Syrian rebels are controlled opposition.