Saddam’s WMD’s in Syria a threat once again?

Steve Cooper
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Saddam’s WMD’s in Syria a threat once again?

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined it to attain power. Now, that Saddam’s WMD’s are in Syria the Democrats are using it to justify a possible attack on Syria. The Russians moved Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria. This is no secret and you are either brainwashed or retarded if you don’t know this by now.

Read my archives. I have done this story a hundred times and I am not doing it again.

Democrats lying about WMD’s before the Iraq War
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Russia increases arms sales to Syria

Russia arms Iran and Syria. Both nations are linked to Al Qaeda, but the American idiots think that you are crazy when you link Russia to Al Qaeda. What do I call this? BRAINWASHING….

The sheep are not smart enough to grasp what this is really all about –

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Should Ron Paul be arrested for Protecting Iran?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Should Ron Paul be arrested immediately for aiding the enemy? Ron Paul
is a U.S. Congressman protecting a known terrorist state like Iran. ARE
ALL OF YOU PEOPLE ON DRUGS? WAKE UP. I know for a fact that most of the Ron Paul loons are on drugs, because their biggest issue is legalizing Marijuana.

I also said back in 2006 (before The Conservative Monster was created) that Biden and Reid should be investigated for giving aid and comfort to Iran when it looked like GW Bush was going to bomb Iran. The Democrats voted for a war and then they undermined the war for political gain.

Of course Paul will never be arrested, because treason is “the in thing to do” these days. Take a look at Eric Holder. If “Fast and Furious” happened under the GW Bush administration it would be an entire different story. Holder would have resigned already if he had an “R” next to his name, but Marxists (especially black Marxists) are immune to being told to “step down”.  

Iran was linked to the 9/11 attacks via Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. Iran has been linked to terrorism that killed U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is a terrorist proxy for Russia and China. Why is everyone so surprised about the reports that Iran wants to attack the USA?

I am noticing that many of the reports about Iran being a threat to attack the USA are mysteriously missing from the major news organizations. Were they TOLD to remove them?

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Russia and China ‘Holding the USA Hostage via Iran’

Steve Cooper
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Russia and China fight to protect Iran from crippling sanctions

Russia built nuclear plants for Iran, but this is not on the media script that is being read to you

Why is Russia and China rarely brought up in the media as backers of the Iranian terror state? I monitor this frequently and Russia and China are barely mentioned if not mentioned at all. Russia and China are getting a free pass by the left wing media. 

Iran is one of the major oil suppliers to China; therefore China is funding their terrorism by purchasing their oil with the money that you buy Chinese products with. Use your heads…

Why is Iran allowed to hold the USA hostage?

Iran has been directly linked to AL QAEDA and the TALIBAN.

Iran has been directly linked to the deaths of US Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq and Afghanistan were proxy wars against the USA and Capitalism by Russia and China. History repeating itself over and over again. When has any analyst in the media called the Iraq and Afghanistan wars a ‘Proxy War against Capitalism by Russia and China?’ Don’t hold your breath….

 Left wingers like Ron Paul defend Iran as the media calls him “Conservative” and his fans “dedicated”.

The USA is constantly under terror alerts linked to Iran. Why is this allowed? Reagan should have nuked Iran a long time ago before the American idiots were so brainwashed like they are today.


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Fox News finally boots left wing Judge Napolitano. It was long overdue

Fox News finally booted that left wing Judge Napolitano. It was long overdue…

Watch this interview with a former CIA agent. You might as well watch the Russian Media.

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Syrian First Lady Emails Left Wing Newspaper

Who does the enemy contact when the need some good PR? The American left Wing Media…

The NY Times

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American Liberal Jews are sadly mistaken if they think they can buy their way out of the next Holocaust


I posted this article two days ago and now WND reports this. I am always ahead of them all…great job by WND.

Ron Paul insists that terrorism is the fault of the USA and it’s policies? Israeli blood will be on Ron Paul’s hands and the hands of his radical Soviet thug followers. style=”font-size: 12px;”>

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