Video: Israeli Airstrike Flattens Hamas Commander’s House

Steve Cooper

Apparently the IDF gave this Hamas commander a warning to evacuate his house with his family, because it was about to be bombed. So, he took video of his own house being bombed.

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Obama more flexible with Russia? Hamid Karzai orders the building of a Russian Cultural Center in Kabul

Steve Cooper


The ENEMY is laughing at the USA and all of the blood spilled was for nothing.

It is obvious that Moscow’s interest after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, scheduled for 2014, will increase dramatically. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Is Jill Kelley a Middle East Lobbyist or More?

Steve Cooper


I had a feeling that something was up with this Jill Kelley, but I didn’t know what it was. Her closeness to these Generals was suspicious indeed.

Her real name is supposedly Jill Khawam Kelley and of course the media has not reported that she is a Christian Lebanese Arab.

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Marines Egged While Collecting Christmas Toys For Needy Children

Steve Cooper

It is safe to say that anyone that would throw eggs at US Marines are left wing Obama voters, because their hatred for the Military was well documented during the Bush years.

Egg shells can be very dangerous if it breaks into your eye. If found guilty, these punks need to be beaten into the ground as a lesson.

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Pakistan Frees Nine Taliban Leaders

Steve Cooper


Joe Biden called the Taliban “our friends”…so what the heck. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

The US & Soviet Collapse Similar?

Steve Cooper


The economic and military collapse that the US is experiencing is very similar to the ‘staged’ Soviet collapse after the Afghanistan War, because the orchestrators are the same people. – Steve Cooper

Who are the orchestrators? The Kremlin, China, Arab Leaders and the leaders of the Democrat Party. All of those that seek world communism and the defeat of Capitalism. The staged collapse of the USSR had many advantages such as their debt problems being resolved, financial aid from the West and for the American people to lower their guard against Communism. The Democrats are now trying to explode the debt to create a crisis in the USA and defunding the US Military is next. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

The Bloody History of Communism – Part II

Steve Cooper


There are three parts to this documentary, but the second is my favorite. It is interesting that videos about the horrors of communism have been cleansed from all educational television. They seem to have no problem demonizing Hitler, National Socialism and Fascism, because they want the sheep to ‘look at the other hand’.

WARNING – this video contains graphic murders…but that is just Communism doing what it does best.



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