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Ward Churchill reveals 9/11 was really an attack against ‘American Capitalism’

Conservative News Update: “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism” – Karl Marx Educated Leftists like Ward Churchill understand the 9/11 attacks were really about an attack on ‘American Capitalism’ via a ‘Muslim proxy’ like Al Qaeda.…

Henry Kissinger calls Iran a ‘bigger problem than ISIS’

Conservative News Update: Henry Kissinger agrees with me? Today, Iran accused the US of not taking ISIS seriously enough. ISIS is really an Iranian trap. So, don’t buy the talk about Sunni’s by all of your heroes in the media.…

Director of ‘Peace Foundation’ warns of ‘endless wars’ due to NATO

Conservative News Update: These commies are hilarious. They all love to join peace organizations to hide their loyalty to the Kremlin. PSYCH WARFARE!