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Infowars writer attacks former CIA for suggesting the assassination of Russian President Putin

Conservative News Update: Does Russian Intelligence actually fund these traitors? Warning to the World: Washington and its NATO & EU Vassals are Insane — Paul Craig Roberts: Warning to the Wor… — Paul Craig Roberts (@PCraigRoberts) September 3, 2014

Journalist Steven Sotloff Beheaded: Was he ‘too close’ to the enemy?

Conservative News Update: These liberal journalists in Syria that are ‘buddies’ with Muslim terrorists do so, because they are ‘revolutionaries’. I have said many times before these ‘opposition groups’ are really ‘front groups’ for Syria and Iran. Play with fire…

Putin breaks ground on Russia-China gas pipeline, world’s biggest

Conservative News Update: Gee, but Obama still can’t sign the Keystone Pipeline? He is waiting for Putin’s permission. I guess global warming restrictions are only for US energy? Putin literally signs world's biggest pipeline into construction (VIDEO) #PowerOfSiberia…

$25 Million Reward: Was Isis created to divert attention away from Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri?

Conservative News Update: ISIS is too extreme for Al Qaeda? Ok SHEEP!