Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy: Sen. Grassley might need a ‘mass shooting’ in his home state

Dannel Malloy

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Democrats love to exploit death, terrorism and tragedy. Dead kids and dead US Soldiers are even better. The more blood…the better.

There are still many consistencies with the CT shooting investigation: Like reports that the AR-15 was really in the trunk of Adam Lanza’s car and then suddenly that report ‘changed’.

Adam Lanza was crazy? He was alert enough to reportedly smash his computer hard drive so investigators couldn’t see what websites he was visiting. What is the secrecy about the CT shooting investigation since there is no trial to undermine like with CO shooting? James Holmes is entitled to a fair trial, but Adam Lanza is DEAD.

We keep hearing that the investigation is secretive to protect the ‘victim’s. That is far from the truth, because the CT victims were exploited within the first hour.


NRA Facebook Page –

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy was recently interviewed on NPR. When asked what it will take to pass gun control, Malloy suggested that pro-gun U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley – who helped defeat anti-gun measures in the Senate – might need a mass-shooting in his home state of Iowa to get him to change his position. That is not only twisted and irrational thinking, it’s completely outrageous! – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Could the Police Confiscate Guns from Boston Marathon Victims?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

YES, according to the anti-2nd Amendment language that is floating around these days. There are calls for doctors to notify the police of anyone that is suffering from depression or PTSD, Posttraumatic stress disorder.

Think it can’t happen? Think again…Gov Cuomo already signed his into law in NY. Returning Veterans that are suffering from PTSD can have all of their weapons removed from them by the police as a ‘public safety concern’.

The victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and other terror attacks as well could be targeted as ‘security risks’. The law abiding citizens and victims are being turned into criminals by Liberal Fascists that have an agenda to disarm the middle class. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Another Prediction Materializing? The Eventual Removal of Guns by Obamacare

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The new gun laws enacted in NY mandate doctors to notify the police of any suspicious actions by a patient that has a gun permit. Those guns will then be confiscated and the permit suspended.

Those of you that are reading The Conservative Monster a while know that I have predicted  Obamacare will be used to disarm many Americans. It is the perfect way to backdoor the 2nd Amendment for ‘public safety’.

The problem is that people dealing with normal everyday stress or anti government views will be targeted as well. What about anyone that is a little too Christian? Do you see where this slippery slope is going?

Eventually, the Democrats will seek to tie this all in together like Gov Cuomo did in NYS.

You have been warned. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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My Speech from the Pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Upstate NY

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This is a copy of a speech that I wrote for a PRO 2nd Amendment rally. I was unable to attend, but a Conservative Monster fan read it for me to the audience. He said that the speech was “well received”.

I was honored to be asked for my input and HERE IT IS:


Thank you for allowing me to say a few words; I will be brief.


My name is Steve Cooper, I am a retired Police Officer and the founder of The Conservative website.


The Democrat gun ban agenda goes way back before Sandy Hook. These shameless politicians and Hollywood Elitists have no problem exploiting the young children that were gunned down in cold blood by a deranged killer.


Numerous times, I have seen deranged and dangerous people roam around the streets when I was a police officer due to the radicals that would rather protect their civil liberties than the SAFETY of law abiding citizens.


Police officers are seriously injured daily while trying to restrain these emotionally disturbed persons that society protects, because we try to use the minimum amount of force. This has left countless police officers permanently disabled and I am one of those statistics.


In September 2005, my shoulder was permanently disabled during an incident with a 350 lb emotionally disturbed man that I tried to restrain using the minimum amount of force.


These liberal rules of engagement kill and seriously injure police officers daily, but the media never reports it.


Clearly, the gun regulations that were thrown together over night by Gov Cuomo were political and reckless without consideration that law abiding citizens will have their freedoms suppressed. The reports of GUN CONFISCATION that were suggested were quite disturbing.


Let’s be honest. The 2nd Amendment has been non existent in NYC for a long time. NRA President La Pierre was correct when he said that only baseball players and other Elitists have the luxury of getting a gun carry permit in NYC.


That means these strict gun laws are making criminals out of law abiding citizens that wish to defend themselves and their families in the streets of NY.


Gun control polls have dropped, because the people have realized that the Democrats were exploiting tragedy for political gain once again. The Democrats voted for the Iraq war and then they undermined the troops once their boots were on the ground and exploited the death of US Soldiers the same way that they exploited the dead children of Sandy Hook.


Clearly, Leftists are the real extremists in the gun control issue.


They say that they don’t want to ban guns, but …they can’t be trusted. This agenda has way too many powerful fingerprints on it and it is their goal to disarm the middle class.


• North Korea is threatening to nuke the USA as the Democrats seek to disarm you. Something smells here and it doesn’t take a history degree to figure this one out.


Democrats don’t ban guns…Communists do. At least now we know who we are dealing with.


You can’t defeat communism if you are afraid to SAY THE WORD.


THANK YOU and God Bless you ALL…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Boston Terror NWO Shock and Awe?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Boston terror attack was part of the psych warfare campaign that I keep warning about. It was more shock and awe. Attack the US, but then not allow the words Islam or terrorism to even be mentioned. Liberals are attacking anyone that dares to bring up Islamic terrorism.

Shock and awe creates trauma. This fits into the category of psych warfare.

THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON! The American Left has protected and enabled them for the past 60 years as part of the War against Capitalism. Also, the war to control the worlds oil. The war against Capitalism is being executed by the Elitists seeking world Communism and they are using Muslim terrorists as their foot soldiers.

Now you understand why eleven years after 9/11 and the US has not made any gains in the war on terror. ZERO! The US Military leadership has been de-balled by bowing down to liberal rules of engagement. The Democrats voted for the Iraq war and then the fought as hard as they could to defend the enemy from within the halls of Washington DC.

George Bush wanted to take down Iran next due to their connections to 9/11, Al Qaeda and killing US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The FBI is not even saying the word terrorism at the press conference. They are using words such ‘event’ and ‘investigation’. Saying the word terrorism or terror attack will not prevent anyone from receiving a fair trial. That is another lie that the media is trying to spin to protect the coward liberals that are communicating to the public about the terror attack.

Attacking civilians with bombs is a revolutionary act that is done by two culprits: Muslims or Marxist Revolutionaries that hide behind the label ‘Anarchist’. I don’t recall any Catholic Nuns planting bombs or committing mass shootings.

This act of terror and WAR is also another reason to CANCEL the ongoing assault against the 2nd Amendment. The American people need to be armed now more than ever. The NRA needs to jump all over this issue, because the American people need to be armed to protect themselves from FOREIGN and DOMESTIC enemies.

I don’t believe that this was a false flag attack, because it would have been much bigger. False flag is a term that is way overused by hysterical Libertarians that seek to provoke people into revolution. A real false flag is something that can be used for a power grab. The attack on Newtown does fit that description, but I don’t believe that Adam Lanza was part of any government conspiracy. Although, I don’t believe the story about him using an assault rifle since the original reports were that it was left in the trunk of the car.

More on false flags:

The Russians blew up apartment buildings in Chechnya to blame the Chechen rebels. This was used as a reason for Putin to send troops in to slaughter thousands of Chechen’s. Even, left wing Amnesty International was shocked by it. The Chechen black widows retaliated and killed the children in the massacre of Beslan.

More psych warfare:

  • The threats of WW III that Russia and China have been making since 2006 if Iran is bombed. This is another part of the psychological warfare against the American people.
  • The threats of nuclear war by North Korea
  • The threats to silence free speech by labeling any criticism of Muslim terrorism as hate speech.

Think about this:

TWO words that are banned from the media – TERRORISM and COMMUNISM. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Assault Weapon Registration Begins In NY

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

CBS Report:

Gun owners have one year to register their weapons or you will become a CRIMINAL.

The new law also requires mental health professionals to report patients they may feel likely to hurt themselves or others seriously.

State Police posted forms Monday on their website for registration, which can be filed electronically. Owners of those guns, now banned from in-state sales, are required within a year to register them. Alternatively, they can legally sell them to a licensed dealer or out of state by next Jan. 15.

Assault weapons form – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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High court declines to hear challenge to NY gun law

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

There has been no 2nd Amendment in NYC for the longest time… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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