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War on Women? Muslim Man Breaks His Wife’s Fingers for Feeding the Kids During Ramadan

Steve Cooper Below is an article about a Muslim man that broke his wife’s finger for feeding her kids during Ramadan. I find it interesting that the Democrats are silent about the “War against women” by Muslims.

11 Year Old Pakistani girl accused of Qur’an burning could face death penalty

I am sure that Pastor Terry Jones will be interested to see this story… Where is Ron Paul, the Muslim terrorist defender now?

Test of Fire: When a Government Tampers with Freedom by Cardinal Dolan

Steve Cooper When a government tampers with a freedom so fundamental, one SHUDDERS to think what lies ahead. – Cardinal Dolan   The media spun the issue of forcing Catholic institutions to buy insurance that goes against their teachings…

CNN Guest: Wisconsin Shooter Wanted to Start ‘a Revolution’. Friends Say “He Had Black Friends”

Steve Cooper   CNN had a guest from the Southern Poverty Law center on and she said “The Wisconsin shooter wanted to start a REVOLUTION”. Gee, does this sound familiar? People that knew Wade Michael Page (including his step…

Hateful Leftist Abuses Young Woman Working the Chick-fil-A Window #Chickfila

  UPDATE: This free speech Nazi has been FIRED….