Chavez: Venezuela is no threat, Obama is a “good guy”

Steve Cooper


My archives are all upside down right now due to the big move, but just search about Venezuela’s links to Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. Now Chavez is endorsing Obama? SHOCKER….

The Democrat Party is in bed with these thugs. They love Obama, because he is one of their ‘operatives’ seeking to destroy the USA from within. They hated Bush, because he stood for capitalism.

Where did Syria’s chemical weapons come from?

Where Did Syria’s Chemical Weapons Come From? via @sharethis — Melissia (@ProudoftheUSA)

Turkey Denies Fighter Shot Down by Syria « Klein Online

Annan Singles Out Syria for Blame in Reported Massacre

Annan is baiting the west into another war for the Russians. The Democrats know what is going on. Where are the anti war leftists? I guess wars run by communists are good wars. Wars that are run by Republicans are bad wars. – Steve Cooper — The New York Times (@nytimes)

Lenin Can Rest in Peace Now

Steve Cooper


Sure, Lenin can rest in peace now that the we are just a heartbeat away from World Communism. Lenin’s loyal subjects in the Democrat Party worked overtime to get this job done.

Syrian Opposition Activist Walid Hussein: The Russians Have Become Legitimate Targets for Us