Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler?

Conservative News Update: Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler? President Putin wants to create a Eurasian Union from the Pacific Ocean to the borders of the European Union. Leaders of the two Read More …

Saudi Arabia ready to act on Iran, Syria, ‘with or without West’

Conservative News Update: Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia denounce Russia for enabling Iran’s nuclear technology? I know the answer to that question. In a New York Times opinion piece, Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Bbdulaziz Al Saud Read More …

Edward Snowden: “Norway spies on Russia for the #NSA”

Conservative News Update: Edward Snowden is clearly a traitor that is aiding the enemy to undermine U.S. National Security.   Revealed: Norway widely spies on Russia for #NSA – new Snowden leak — RT Read More …

60 Minutes: NSA speaks out on Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden allegedly stole 1.7 million files from the NSA and fled to Russia. The purpose was to give aid and comfort to the enemy. — (@putinwatch) December 16, 2013 Conservative News Update:

Putin defends conservative values – The Japan News

Conservative News Update: Sure, nobody admits that they're communists anymore. They just disappeared off of the planet LMAO — (@putinwatch) December 14, 2013 Marxists and Libertarians are trying to bait Conservative into believing that Read More …

The Contradictions of Socialism – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Conservative News Update: OK, am I resourceful or what. I just took a screenshot of the socialism quote from the email. — David Limbaugh (@DavidLimbaugh) December 13, 2013  

Russian Military to Recruit 500,000 Professional Soldiers by 2022

Conservative News Update: MOSCOW, December 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s military will have 500,000 soldiers serving on professional contracts within a decade, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday.

Russia Threatens to Nuke U.S. | Washington Free Beacon

Conservative News Update: Russian military doctrine dictates that nuclear weapons can be used against those who strike first with conventional arms, according to Rogozin. Posted from WordPress for Android