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Occupy Wall Street Protester was Allegedly Occupied Making Bombs

Steve Cooper The Occupy Wall Street movement is a breeding ground for Marxist Revolutionaries that hide behind the Anarchist label. This is a war against Capitalism and I am sick of the media talking heads on Fox News covering…

Students Cheering for Socialism in Front of White House After Obama Victory

Steve Cooper I will laugh when these mutants are marched into the prison camps… Viva Obama, Obama sieg heil, Obama sieg heil, Obama sieg heil …how cute … – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Hannity: The allure of Socialism has taken hold

Steve Cooper I warned everyone that the future of the country is in danger regardless who won on Nov. 6th, 2012, because the youth have been brainwashed to accept Socialism. Hannity is 100% correct… – Best…