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Harry Belafonte: The only thing left is for Obama to put his opponents into JAIL

Steve Cooper Many other communists feel the same way…HARRY. I guess Harry Belafonte wants to put 54 million people into jail? – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Page Created to Honor Oregon Mall Shooting Suspect, Jacob Tyler Roberts

Steve Cooper   I have warned many times in the past that the media is covering up the fact that these shootings are related to the anti-religious movement by spreading Marxism and Darwinism. These kids are brainwashed revolutionaries and…

UPDATED – Marxist Revolution? Violent Mob Destroys Conservative Tent in Michigan Protest

  Steve Cooper   This is how a Marxist Revolution begins…. This is terrorism…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Warmers Gone Wild? UN Climate Summit Silences Global Warming Opposition

Steve Cooper Courtesy of DRUDGE   The “Warmers” got rid of the term ‘Global Warming’, because it is a proven scam; the planet is not getting warmer. So, they invented the term ‘Climate Change’. Well, yeah…winter, spring, summer and…

Video: Atheist has a meltdown after Bill O’ Reilly calls him a Fascist

Steve Cooper    “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”. – Vladimir Lenin   Atheists and 9/11 Truthers are the most vile adversaries that I have ever dealt with on the Internet. They are intolerant Marxists that are…