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Former Florida elections chief on West-Murphy: ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’

Steve Cooper Allen West got robbed… The Establishment has punished him for exposing the Communists within the Democrat Party. Posted from WordPress Wireless – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Professor to Students: “I can’t find ONE CRIME that Stalin has ever committed”.

Steve Cooper   Special thanks to Teddy for sending me this video…   Watch this video and then you will understand why your kids are brainwashed communist revolutionaries, haters of the USA and Capitalism.The Professor dismissed the questions and…

Students Cheering for Socialism in Front of White House After Obama Victory

Steve Cooper I will laugh when these mutants are marched into the prison camps… Viva Obama, Obama sieg heil, Obama sieg heil, Obama sieg heil …how cute … – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Are the Democrats About to Set Up John Boehner and the Republican Congress?

Steve Cooper   That is how this gang of Leftists operate and then they get their stooges in the media to hammer the message for them day and night. My comments from TWITTER:   The C Monster ‏@cnin The…