My Tweets to Geraldo Rivera about his claims that Russia & Iran are our friends


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Steve Cooper

Geraldo Rivera gave the usual left wing spin today on Fox News by blaming Saudi Arabia and cleaning the blood off of Russia and Iran’s hands. I am sick of these propagandists that mislead the people.

I am waiting to see if this hack answers me….

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Checkmate Comrades: Russia Is Sending Jihadis to Join ISIS

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Steve Cooper

The American people are clueless about deception in warfare and this is how the media wants you to be. I am surprised The Daily Beast allowed this article to be published. I laugh when I see people still believe that Putin is fighting ISIS. You people are morons lol

This article is from August 2015.
TY Brandon…

Newspeak: Blaming Climate Change for Terrorism is Straight out of Orwell’s 1984

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Steve Cooper

In this video, a man is brainwashed to see 5 fingers even though the man torturing him is only holding up four fingers. A KGB agent once bragged “we could brainwash people to say the sky is black, not blue”. This video is a perfect example of the political correctness being used to censor the truth.

Why is ISIS attacking NATO countries rather than Syrian President Assad?


Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Why is ISIS attacking NATO countries rather than Syrian President Assad?

I know you will ask “but what about the Russian plane that was blown up over Egypt?” The answer is it had to be a false flag since it was known Russia wasn’t bombing ISIS in Syria.

They were attacking the Syrian rebels. So, why would ISIS attack their Russian ally? I would bet anything it was Russian Intelligence. People can’t grasp this, because they have no idea how ruthless Putin really is. The American people are brainwashed by the media lies.

Russia used the plane crash as an excuse to bring in anti-missile batteries into Syria and it also makes it appear like ISIS is their enemy, but they aren’t. Al Qaeda never attacked Russia since they were controlled by the Kremlin. ISIS and Al Qaeda are the same as much as the media denies this fact, they are lying.

The Russian Government has committed terrorism on their own people in the past. Just look up “Blowing Up Russia” for more.

Now, why is ISIS attacking France and threatening the US if they are ‘based’ in Syria and supposedly at war with Syria and their President Assad? Again, the media is reading a script. DO NOT trust anything that they report since it truth and lies mixed to confuse the masses.

Liberals overwhelmingly are supporting Muslims, because they understand they are being used as another tool to attack Capitalism and advance World Government. This is why they claim climate change is causing terrorism, but this theory is new. Why wasn’t this theory mentioned after the first Al Qaeda attack on the WTC in NYC back in 1993?

Liberals would have been laughed at if they blamed global warming for the first WTC attack in 1993. They are clearly domestic terrorists and they need to be ignored.

Why are none of the ‘great military thinkers’ in the media wondering why ISIS is attacking NATO Countries rather than Assad? Remember, that Russia and Iran are at war with NATO due to the sanctions that helped weaken their economy. All of this is being orchestrated to spark WW III.

Could this terrorism be a reason to dissolve NATO and unite the Nations into some type of world government military? Possibly, but war between Russia, China and the US is inevitable.

It was funny to see liberals upset that France was bombing Syria, but they were silent about Russia bombing Syrian civilians. They are always loyal to the Kremlin. This is a war of deception. People need to read The Art of War by Sun Tzu to understand what is really going on here. Otherwise, you will dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist.

Meanwhile, my accuracy speaks for itself. I predicted Al Qaeda would change their name and there would be a major conflict in Syria years ago. None of the Military experts in the media did this.

Liberals had a fit on Twitter after I blamed Syria for the Paris attacks, not ISIS. Why? I was going off of the media script. You know that you are being fed lies when CNN and NBC read the same script as Fox News. The media is already government controlled.

Obama accused the Republicans of being a ‘recruiting tool’ for ISIS, but he’s the one handing out visas to Muslim terrorists. Obama is the one who wants to close Gitmo. He’s a dangerous man and he wants to destroy the US.

My uncle asked me “why would Obama still bring in these Syrian refugees after the Paris attack?” My answer: “He wants to destroy the US. He’s a foreign agent and a domestic enemy.”

I didn’t give the mainstream answer so I was dismissed as an extremist. This is how the media has preconditioned the people to not think outside of the box. They are brainwashed and George Orwell predicted this; he called it “newspeak”.

Donald Trump video on the Syrian Refugees: “Is Obama insane????”

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Steve Cooper

What is our President doing?

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Who has the power to arrest a President?

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Steve Cooper

I had an interesting debate with someone today about whether a President can be arrested by the Military if they deem him to be an immediate threat to National Security, a Domestic Enemy or guilty of treason.

Would giving nuclear weapons to Iran or allowing a Muslim invasion during this age of terrorism be considered a threat to national security?

I do remember many liberals demanding for George Bush to be arrested, but they are silent now.

I came up with this answer to the question:

Question: Does the Provost Marshal General of the Army or Marine Corp have the athority to arrest the President?

This would not ‘usually’ be the case. The Provost Marshal General
of The Army is a Headquarters US Army flag officer position and serves directly
under the Chief of Staff – US Army.

In one of our legal classes in Command & Staff School – Air University, the
scenario was built classroom-style that greatly parallels the terrible situation
we find ourselves in today. (Please remember that these classes were taught by
Harvard Law School folks with a string of letters behind their names as long as
your arm.)

“It has been determined that the president has committed treason in a manner
unmistakable to all. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a
covert meeting to get a vote of the JCS.
(Here is where the Provost Marshall
General of the Army and/or Marines may be in attendance.)

Please remember at this time that a military officer takes an oath of office to
do one thing and one thing only – “……. to support and defend the Constitution of
the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC.” They must
determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous

A convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers depart the Pentagon, accompanied by
a large contingent of Military Police (Provost Marshal General??) and all necessary
armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if
necessary, proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest.

(This scenario is when we are not at DECLARED WAR)

Then, The Chairman of the JCS would advise the Speaker of The House, The
President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of
their actions.

In times of DECLARED WAR, the president can be shot on the spot if he resists
or is a threat to the nation or those around him.
Please remember, that the
last DECLARED WAR was the second world war, declared on 8 December 1941.
Why haven’t we seen this today. Simple – we are devoid of Constitutional military
leadership – they have morphed into political, pussified, wishy-washy, pants-wetting
yes-men. (Enough to make you puke)
Hope this helps.

Liberals blame GW Bush for Paris attacks on Twitter

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Brainwashed mental patients. The Left bend over backwards to aid Muslim terrorists with propaganda since they know it part of the war against Capitalism. Many Conservatives still haven’t grasped this.


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