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ISIS attacks France the same day the US gives the Ukraine a Billion-Dollar Loan

Conservative News Update: Steve Cooper Coincidence? Is Putin using ISIS as a proxy to attack Europe in retaliation for sanctions and the US helping the Ukraine? The Ukraine stops importing electricity from Russia – TY Leif…

Liberals defend Muslims on Twitter for Paris terror attacks

Conservative News Update: Steve Cooper Islam is a 'religion of peace'. They will kill us all until we understand this. #ParisAttacks #Muslims — Red Alert Now (@redalertnow) November 13, 2015 More –

Jim Jordan GRILLS Hillary Clinton About You Tube Video – Benghazi Committee

Conservative News Update: Steve Cooper How come Susan Rice has not testified for the Benghazi Committee? None of your Fox News heroes asked this? I believe it’s because Obama made a deal to protect Rice by handing over dirt…