Test of Fire: When a Government Tampers with Freedom by Cardinal Dolan

Steve Cooper

When a government tampers with a freedom so fundamental, one SHUDDERS to think what lies ahead. – Cardinal Dolan


The media spun the issue of forcing Catholic institutions to buy insurance that goes against their teachings into something that it was not. The Catholic church did not start this fight.

The fight was started by a radical Socialist that the media calls a ‘constitutional scholar’. Why does this ‘scholar’ refuse to release his college records?

This was an attack against Freedom of Religion…


Political Ad Portrays Allen West as a Violent Black Man?

Just imagine if the Republicans did an ad like this about a black Democrat?


Wayne Allyn Root on Why Obama is Hiding His College Records: Maybe Obama Was a Foreign Exchange Student?

Wayne Allyn Root made some very good points. Root also mentions that Obama’s grades from Occidental were not good enough to get into Columbia or Harvard. What gives?

I also find it interesting that nobody remembers Obama from Columbia University.

Video of Suicide Bombers Blowing Up on the Streets of Grozny

Grozny is located in the Chechen Republics of Russia

Trump: Obama Has Spent Millions To Keep His Records Sealed In Court