7 thoughts on “No Conservative Monster Upgrade

    • Yep pray idiots wake up and someone send the stupid on a boat to a nice commie country or just shoot the stupids…your websites awesome Coop..kick your feet up and know that even though it doesn’t seem like you’re making a difference you are…

  1. You are right Steve, people are not going to wake up, too far gone now, not trying to be a downer, but facts are facts. I am still sticking with my pick of Cardinal Dolan for pope because he is a true blue communist and that is why Pope Benedict was pushed out….we will know soon.

  2. Liberatarians also support the legalization of marijuana, which is right in line with George Soros thinking. Soros wants the majority of Americans in a drug induced stupor so they are easier to control. Here is an article for those liberatarians to put in their pipes and smoke. In Colorado they are seeing a rise in children using marijuana since becoming legal, some testing with alarming rates of thc in their systems:


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