Not Quite Comrade

The American people are going to be slaves. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. We defeated communism? Not quite comrade.

– Steve Cooper

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7 thoughts on “Not Quite Comrade

    • I want to smack Newt Gingrich and Hannity in the head when they lie about Reagan and the wall falling. Tell Poland that Communism is dead. The Russians blew their President out of the sky ALLEGEDLY. Why is Poland still trying to get a missile defense shield? Like that is going to help them anyway at this point.

    • It was deception and it means nothing. The Communists needed something spectacular so the American sheep would lower their guard to Communism. Ask the people in Europe if they think it was real…

    • There are many reasons why they allowed the Berlin Wall to fall, but the important one is so the world would lower it’s guard to the Communist threat. Then, they unleashed Iran on the USA so Muslim terrorism was the new enemy. They did a masterful job and everyone in the media and Intelligence community are silent about it still til this day.

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