Were Hollywood stars accepting money from ‘foreign sources’ to denounce American fracking?

Conservative News Update:

I have lost count how many times I have warned about environmental groups being funded by America’s foreign enemies.

From Hollywoodreporter.com

Ayatollah: “Obama no longer has the guts for battle”

Conservative News Update:

1. Iran supported the 9/11 hijackers, but they brilliantly used Saudi terrorists to deflect the blame into another direction. A US Federal Judge linked Iran to the 9/11 attacks and they were ordered to pay the families of the victims, but the media hides this news.

2. Democrats and Libertarians attacked George Bush when he wanted  to retaliate against Iran for killing US Soldiers in Iraq.

3. Obama surrendered to Iran when he removed US Troops from Iraq; giving away the strategic advantage of having Iran surrounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. Russia and China threatened WW III if George Bush attacked Iran; therefore making them accessories to 9/11 via Iran (their terror proxy).

The 9/11 attacks were really a way of telling the US to abandon Capitalism and accept Socialism…or else.

Karl Marx stated: “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism”. What does that mean? Accept Socialism or else.

The Marxists cleverly used fanatical Muslims as a terror proxy to attack the West with. Every legitimate analyst knows this, but they are afraid to say it in the media.

Putin isn’t outsmarting Obama. The Democrat alliance with the Kremlin and their Muslim terror proxies is no secret. It has a long history.



Fox News Psych: “Barack Obama doesn’t have ‘Americanism’ in his soul”

Conservative News Update:

The nutty commies at Media Matters are going berserk from this comment 😉

White House Smearing Honorable Soldiers by accusing them of ‘Swift-Boating’ Bergdahl | Walid Shoebat

Conservative News Update:

Liberals love to shout “racist’ or ‘swift boating’. It is like calling a time out during a game of tag.


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