Al-Qaeda shows images of attack on Saudi border

Conservative News Update:

Iran is making a move on Saudi Arabia via Al Qaeda…just like I PREDICTED! Isis is really an Iranian orchestrated distraction…

Unipolar World Model Failed – Putin

Conservative News Update:

Basically, Putin is saying ignore and ‘allow genocide’ for the good of the world.–Putin.html

Russia Sells $5.6Bln in Arms in First Half of 2014 – Putin

Conservative News Update:

BUT Russia is our friend? SHEEP …

Belarus also likes to sell weapons to some SHADY CHARACTERS….–Putin.html

Rep. Labrador: “Another Administration Official ‘making stuff up’ on Meet the Press”

Conservative News Update:

Global Warmers have a ‘meltdown’ over the Koch Brothers

Conservative News Update:

A Conservative Monster fan reviews the movie America

I went to see the movie (America) yesterday and took a friend who had thought I was crazy and would not listen to much I said.

After the movie they looked at me in shock. I said “There is not one damn thing in that movie that I did not already know.”

I said it took years of paying attention reading books and having Steve Cooper as a master teacher to keep me awake and aware.

So thanks again Steve…

Carol T.

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