Putin Warns of Growing Militant Nationalism, Nazi Ideology in Europe

Conservative News Update:

Putin’s Liberal and Libertarian useful idiots shout Nazi all day long too. Get ready for a Russian ‘false flag’.


Rand Paul to Republicans: “Back off voter ID, because it ‘offends’ people”

Conservative News Update:

I was the first to warn that Rand Paul was a fraud Liberal. Nobody in the media has the guts to say it.

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16 Year Old Graduates from High School, College in Same Week

Conservative News Update:

I am sure this young lady is very smart, but this is a perfect example why the American educational system is a mockery. What is her degree really worth?


Ron Goldman’s sister, Kim Goldman: I dreamed of running over O.J. Simpson with my car  – NY Daily News

Holder will call this a hate crime.


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Ban Hammers?

Conservative News Update:

Hammer attacks in NYC subway….