Bill Maher & Dinesh D’Souza take on ‘Liberal defense’ of Islamic Terrorism

Conservative News Update:


Maher hates all religions like most leftists, but at least he has the guts to speak out against Islam. The far left embrace Islam, because they understand Muslims are being used as a proxy to attack the US and Capitalism with.

Video from The

Putin Warns of Growing Militant Nationalism, Nazi Ideology in Europe

Conservative News Update:

Putin’s Liberal and Libertarian useful idiots shout Nazi all day long too. Get ready for a Russian ‘false flag’.

Rand Paul to Republicans: “Back off voter ID, because it ‘offends’ people”

Conservative News Update:

I was the first to warn that Rand Paul was a fraud Liberal. Nobody in the media has the guts to say it.

Link by Drudge Report:

16 Year Old Graduates from High School, College in Same Week

Conservative News Update:

I am sure this young lady is very smart, but this is a perfect example why the American educational system is a mockery. What is her degree really worth?

Ron Goldman’s sister, Kim Goldman: I dreamed of running over O.J. Simpson with my car  – NY Daily News

Holder will call this a hate crime.

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