Does Interpol have to help Egypt arrest Terry Jones? | FP Passport

Steve Cooper The world has GONE NUTS. Nuke these Muslims savages and arrest the American liberals already …. Posted from WordPress Wireless Best Sellers – Computers

Iran deploys Russian made submarine in Gulf

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster has been warning about the Russian and Iranian AXIS OF EVIL since day one…. Best Sellers – Computers

NBC News: Obama Administration Not Telling the Truth on Benghazi Security Lapses – Guy Benson

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Judge: Iran Must Pay to Families of the Victims from the 9/11/01 Attacks

Steve Cooper The article that I posted below about Iran being ordered by a judge to pay $6 billion to the families of the victims from the 9/11 attacks is from July 2012. The Read More …

Ben Stein: Hillary Clinton Needs to Resign for Libyan Security Failure

Steve Cooper   The media attacked Mitt Romney rather than the Muslims that killed 4 Americans on 9/11/12 or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for failing to protect the Libyan Consulate.  

UK Protester Against Islamic Domination: “My Wife Will Never Wear a Burqa”

Steve Cooper   The above video is from a 2010 protest by the UK Nationalist group, EDL protesting against Muslims that seek to impose Sharia Law upon them. The title of the video labels Read More …

Video of Belgium Police Arresting Muslim Protesters

Steve Cooper Excellent job by the Belgium police keeping these radicals in line. Europe has their hands full due to the immigration of millions of Muslims. Speaking of Terrorists, the NYPD also did a Read More …

Democrat States need to be Called ‘Red States’

Steve Cooper According to Wikipedia, the idea to change Democrat States from blue to red happened in 2000 thanks to liberal Tim Russert. It is clever deception for the Democrat Party to change their Read More …

Did Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Spark the Syrian ‘Killing Fields’?

Steve Cooper     I find it interesting that Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq and the Syrian massacres began soon after. History is repeating itself, because we saw the same thing in Cambodia Read More …