September Surprise? Obama Disses Bibi and the Jewish Vote?

Steve Cooper Liberal Jewish Americans? Your wake up all is coming….

Protesters storm U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Steve Cooper   The C Monster ‏@cnin The Democrats are bragging that they defeated Al Qaeda & killed Bin Laden on the same day that Muslims storm the US Embassy in Egypt #tcot Read More …

September 11th: The War Against Capitalism

Steve Cooper   “The meaning of PEACE is ABSENCE to resistance to SOCIALISM” – Karl Marx     I worked at Ground Zero as a rescue worker for the NYPD after the 9/11 attacks Read More …

The NY Times Attacks Bush on Sept 11th Anniversary

Steve Cooper No politics on 9/11? Tell that to the NY times…. The American LEFT and Al Qaeda are more friendly than you think… Posted from WordPress Wireless

Allen West: Obama Slogan is Marxist

Steve Cooper Posted from WordPress Wireless

Chicago Teachers on Strike Protest Wearing RED SHIRTS

Steve Cooper Are these red shirts a symbol of solidarity or Communism? It was hilarious to see one of the CNN puppets trying to defend Rahm Emanuel as she was interviewing a striking teacher. Read More …