Russia starts delivering $1 billion arms package to Azerbaijan

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Russia acts like they want to talk peace about Syria as they are selling billions in weapons to unstable regimes around the world. Where is Amnesty International, the anti-war Libertarians and Liberals now?

No war for oil? Remember that Liberal and Libertarian slogan? They had no problem shouting that during the Bush years, but now they are silent during the Obama years. Of course Libertarians play the “I hate Obama card too”, but would you expect them to state otherwise? #deception

Why are there no protesters claiming that Russia is an ‘Imperialist’ nation?

Answer: The Communists are working with the ‘understanding’ that Moscow will lead the Communist world Government. This is why they shut their mouths. Sure, they are using Capitalism to bring them more power and money. They are smart…

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Siberia – Oil and Gas Exploration

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