Some theorize Soviets or Castro inspired Oswald to kill JFK

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5 thoughts on “Some theorize Soviets or Castro inspired Oswald to kill JFK

  1. It has been known for years that Fidel and the KGB had a hand in it. But researchers have conclusively proven over the last 50 years that JFK was killed in combination with:

    * the military-industrial complex
    * organized crime
    * Lyndon Johnson
    * anti Castro Cubans
    * George H. W. Bush
    * Sam Giancana
    * J. Edgar Hoover
    * Earl Warren
    * the Federal Bureau of Investigation
    * the United States Secret Service
    * the John Birch Society
    * far-right wealthy Texans
    * Nikita Krushchev
    * Aristotle Onassis
    * the government of South Vietnam
    * international drug lords including a French heroin syndicate

    • You left out two of the most important complicacies in the killing of JFK: the Federal Reserve conspiracy and the Israeli government conspiracy (aka the Zionist conspiracy, aka the Mossad conspiracy) that also includes the involvement of Meyer Lansky, and thus the mob, and the Anti-Defamation League.

    • The long list of people suspected with killing Kennedy is a distraction from the real connection, the USSR. This is how communists operate. They want to confuse people by leaking many conspiracies and American leftists help them.

      Oswald’s wife was Russian and he defected to live in Moscow. It isn’t brain surgery – Oswald killed JFK for the Soviets.

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