Hillary Clinton Health Rumors

Conservative News Update:

The National Enquirer reported in 2012 that Hillary Clinton had a brain tumor removed. Of course, the Clinton crew denied this report, but they have never been known for their honesty…

Will Obama and Biden switch places in 2016 the same way that Putin and Medvedev did in Russia?


Rand Paul claims family might hold him back from 2016

Conservative News Update:

Newsflash: Hillary Clinton was a Horrible Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton

Steve Cooper
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Updated: Originally posted on 4/7/13.

  • Wikileaks happened under Hillary Clinton’s watch
  • Hillary was unable to stop the flow of Russian weapons to Syria that is fueling civilian deaths. Syria massacred about 70,000 people under Hillary’s watch.
  • Hillary failed to safeguard Ambassador Stevens and other State Dept officials in Libya. Then she blamed a You Tube video for her failures.
  • She was not forth coming with details about the 9/11 Libyan Benghazi attack
  • North Korea is more dangerous than ever…Hillary did NOTHING
  • Hillary wasted tax dollars flying around the globe and she accomplished nothing. The media bragged that Hillary flew over one million miles, but she accomplished nothing EXCEPT for distancing herself from Obama’s sabotage of the economy.

Just imagine if only half of this happened under Condi Rice’s watch? The media would have been calling for her resignation.

I find it very interesting that Hillary is cured from her mysterious head injury and that she doesn’t need those fake eye glasses anymore. Click here

Now Hillary got a book deal and a PENSION…

2016? Yeah, that is when she should be getting released from PRISON…

The media pumped up and protected Hillary the same way that they protected Bill Clinton who lied under oath and he failed to kill Bin Laden that would have prevented the 9/11 attacks. Bill Clinton’s cuts to the CIA and Military made the USA more vulnerable to an attack when George Bush took over.

I do believe that the 9/11 attacks would have been cancelled if Al Gore won the 2000 Election since Democrats and Muslim terrorists are in the same fraternity.

Watergate Counsel: Hillary was a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”

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