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Hagel praises deal with Iran, worries about Afghanistan

“Yes, there’s risk in this, of course,” Hagel said in an interview with USA TODAY. “Nothing worthwhile ever comes without some risk. But I think the risk is very minimal for us in this.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/11/25/defense-secretary-chuck-hagel-pentagon-iran-afghanistan/3700701/

Medal of Honor Recipient Claims Superiors Didn’t Send Back Up During 2009 Taliban Ambush

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster The retired Army Captain claims that his superior officers might have been worried about civilian casualties. Of course terrorists breed children and then they surround themselves with those children to use as human shields. These…

Video of Muslim Terrorists Training Young Boys How to Shoot Guns

Liberals are seeking gun control in the wrong COUNTRY… The next American generation is being trained how to flash a peace sign as our enemies train their kids how to kill. It will be a huge mismatch. You might as…