‘Public Figure’ Asks for Donations on Facebook to Charity Once Linked to Islamic Terrorism

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Steve Cooper

A self proclaimed ‘public figure’ named Asoomii Jay is requesting for her 250,000 followers on Facebook to donate to a charity named Human Concern International (HCI). I did some checking up on this (Ontario based) organization and it came up with past ties to Bin Laden and other terrorist front groups such as Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) and Blessed Relief.

I posted several links below to further document this Organizations past link to terrorism.

In 1999, Human Concern International, a charity that Osama bin Laden told an Egyptian interviewer in 1995 was funding an al-Qaeda charitable front called Blessed Relief, gave IRW a $50,000 donation. IRW continues to refer to Human Concern as a partner. In 2008, Human Concern granted IRW a further £25,000.

Human Concern has also funded the Global Relief Foundation, an organization shut down by the American government on the grounds that it had been laundering money for al-Qaeda and was linked to the Taliban. Similarly, in 2009 another funder of the Global Relief Foundation, the International Development and Relief Foundation, gave IRW just under £200,000.


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CIA REPORT – NGO’s with terrorist ties


Offices: Zagreb. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with other offices in Pakistan, Lebanon, and Sweden.

Extremist Connections: Al-Gama’at Al-Islamiyya, Algerian Groups
Support to Extremist/Terrorist Activity: Two foreign government services report that HCI provides support to the Algerian Armed Islamic Group and has contacts with Al-Gama’at. According to one service, the office in Sweden may smuggle weapons to Bosnia. Pakistani press reports that the head of the office in Pakistan was arrested recently for his suspected role in the November 1995 bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad. Other press reports say that the entire Peshawar office is made up of Gama’at members.


HCI Linked to Al-Qaeda – A January 1996 CIA report claims that the entire Peshawar, Pakistan, HCI branch that Khadr heads is staffed by Islamist militants and that its Swedish branch is smuggling weapons to Bosnia (see January 1996). In a June 1996 interview with an Egyptian weekly, Osama bin Laden surprisingly identifies HCI as a significant supporter of al-Qaeda. [EMERSON, 2006, PP. 398, 423]




Navy Seals Didn’t Want to Help Re-Elect Obama

Steve Cooper



Of course the Navy Seals didn’t want to help re-elect Obama, because these patriots know exactly what the Democrat Party is all about. The Seals also know the danger that freedom is in; unlike the Obama Zombies that sit behind him cheering at pep rallies.

Special Ops, the FBI and CIA know the deal, but they are just keeping silent about it…TIL NOW. The media is busy reporting about  Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair rather than THIS.

The danger of this Communist conspiracy is much greater than the pay grade of the regular stiff. Leftists run from my site and the ones that stay get thrown into the Monster FEMA Camp (banned).

I have a feeling that this story about the Navy seals not wanting to help Obama get re-elected is getting the Democrats very nervous. The veil has been lifted from their treasonous agenda.

The people are onto them and a cornered animal can become very vicious. Remember, that the American Leftists, International Leftists and Muslim terrorists are all united in this war against Capitalism. They might just want to aid the Democrats to hold onto power.

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