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I want everyone to start searching and reading Twitter comments about revolution, anarchy, anarchists and Capitalism. Many of these radicals are educated/brainwashed and they are not the usual name calling, ignorant Democrat that you see on the Internet. Many of you can learn a lot from reading and understanding their propaganda, because Conservatives are not explaining this to any of you. This is where Fox News has failed. 

It is important to understand their strategy and what the propaganda looks like, because many of you are embracing Libertarians as Conservatives and they really aren’t Conservative. What Conservative enables terror States like Iran? Fools that worship Rand Paul do; that is who.

I have learned plenty by studying propaganda for the past 11 years and this is why many Professors follow The Conservative Monster Twitter page. The media refuses to dig into the background of these ass shooters, because most of them are Marxist Revolutionaries that have been brainwashed to be anti-social haters of Capitalism and freedom.

Leftists are trying to prevent using words like Socialism, Communism or Marxism, because they want everyone to lower their guards to the threat. This is exactly what the fall of the USSR was all about.

Ronald Reagan was a great many, but he didn’t defeat Communism. The Soviet Union staged their collapse to lower their guard of the West. It was a brilliant strategic move that had to be huge for people of the world to buy it. After all, proxies of the Soviet Union are still alive and well such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba. 

The Communists also are using slave labor in countries such as in China, India and other parts of Asia, but Liberals try to paint this as Capitalism. Sure, it is Capitalism with slave labor. The children of wealthy Liberals won’t be working for those slaves wages, your children and grand children will be instead.

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Anarchist-Libertarian propaganda on Twitter looks Communist to Me

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UPDATED – Anarchist-Libertarian propaganda on Twitter looks Communist to me

Conservative News Update:


None of your Fox News or Tea Party superheroes will explain the truth about many of the Libertarians that are really ‘Marxist Revolutionaries’ and they hide behind he label of Anarchist.

Sure, they say that they are for less Government, but the propaganda that they spew about Capitalism is identical to Communist propaganda that you see everyday on the Internet by well educated radicals.

Nobody admits to being a Communist anymore, they publicly say they are Libertarians, Atheists, Anarchists, Progressives, Democrats or even Conservatives to throw you off. So, we are supposed to believe that all Communists just fell off the face of the Earth?

Many times the person shouting “Fascist or Fascism” is really a leftist as well since that seems to be one of their favorites smears next to racist and homophobe.

The average Middle Class Democrat is just a brainwashed dupe that are programmed to vote “D” as in dimwits. They only repeat what MSNBC & CNN tells them to repeat.

Many Libertarians flocked to the Occupy Wall Street movement, because the anti-Capitalist, anti-banker propaganda was right up their anti-Semitic ally.




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Anarchist Communism aka Libertarian Communism

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

It is a lie when Libertarian’s claim that a Communist Libertarian is an ‘oxymoron’. They are really ‘lying morons’. These Communist Libertarians have flooded the Tea Party; insisting that they are Conservatives. Ron, Rand and their merry band of useful idiot

Libertarians want to provoke Conservatives into violence and revolution. The results of this revolution won’t be what Conservatives are hoping for. It is a ‘Leftist’ TRAP…

None of the talk show hosts or Republicans have the guts to admit or expose the truth about Communist Libertarians. The Republicans are embarrassed to admit that their Party has been infiltrated.

Most Libertarians share the same foreign policy views as Jane Fonda. That is far from Conservative.

Anarchist communism is also known as anarcho-communism, communist anarchism, or, sometimes, libertarian communism. However, while all anarchist communists are libertarian communists, some libertarian communists, such as council communists, are not anarchists.

What distinguishes anarchist communism from other variants of libertarian communism is the formers opposition to all forms of political power, hierarchy and domination.


Anarchist Communism


Libertarian Communism

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My ‘Obamacare Dare’ for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Lenin, once said “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.

I dare Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to explain to the American people about how Obamacare will lead the US down the slippery, Socialist slope. They are only ALLOWED to use the words ‘Big Government’, because the censorship of Communism is already here.

I like Ted Cruz way more than Rand Paul, but maybe it is due to his closet Leftist father Ron. If they want to prove me wrong…they have to speak about the Communist threat coming from a smashed economy and Obamacare.

I am willing to bet that they won’t, because the topics of Socialism and Communism are not allowed to be spoken publicly. They are really ‘controlled opposition’. Notice that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are allowed to label the Tea Party as Anarchists on the record, but nobody is allowed to bring up the Democrat Marxist Utopian agenda. This means that tyranny is already here. There is a false freedom right now. You can rant all you want on your Facebook Page, because it will never see the daylight of ‘controlled’ mainstream media. That is what they really don’t want.

The goal is to have the American people blindsided when it does come. Communism will be disguised as the new ‘Great Depression’.

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Four years Post-Obama and still the word communism is banned from public debate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

What is everyone so afraid of? The censorship of communism is already here that is obvious since yesterday was May Day and the riots were not attributed to Communists.

This post that I published May Day: Communists Riot in Seattle should have gone viral, but it didn’t because I put the word communist in the title. This was a test that I gave and only a handful passed it.

It is fine for Democrats to label Republicans and Conservatives as ‘racists’, but we can not mention that their attacks are typical ‘communist’ tactics.

The Media is spinning the blame for this made a violence on anarchists rather than on communists, because they’re trying to cleanse the reputation once again.

What do I say when someone calls me a racist? “You communists always resort to “race card tactics” and the debate is over within minutes after that comment. They want no part of me.

Call me a racist? I call you a communist rat. You want to throw names…let’s go. The commie will leave…trust me.

The Democrats are petrified that people start to talk about communism or socialism, because they want this agenda to be stealth. That want to blind side you all. There are also many that believe they will get their fair share from an Obama Communist regime…good luck with that.

Democrats shout the word McCarthyism whenever the word Communist is mentioned for a reason. It is like they are calling for a ‘censorship time out’. It is like playing tag when you were a kid and you felt someone fouled you and you called for a time out in the school yard.

We can rant the word communism day and night on social media, but the Democrats don’t want the word to be mentioned in the media. That is very clear…

The time for debate is over folks. You wan to sit there and have a ‘fair and balanced’ debate with a left winger that spews communist talking points…be my guest. The media is loaded with communist talking points like ‘class warfare’ and redistribution of wealth’, but nobody has the guts to say the word communism.

Dr Ben Carson is a waste of my time if he is going to sit there and pull punches with his words. The censorship of communism is already here, Dr Carson knows this, but he is afraid to say it publicly.

Newt and Hannity ramble on about how communism was defeated as:

  • A communist sits in the White House
  • The US has to pay Russia to fly into space
  • Russia leads the US in oil and gas exporting
  • Russia still protects their Muslim terror proxy Iran
  • Communist China leads the world in slave labor
  • North Korea threatens to Nuke the US

In 2009, I went to a NYC Tea Party and one of the speakers told me that “it is not good to use the word communism, because people will think that we are crazy”. This mentality is why the Tea Party has failed.

The Tea Party has failed to stop Obamacare or Obama from being reelected. These were two major blows. The Tea Party talking heads in the media are afraid to mention the words socialism or communism, because they are afraid that Fox or CNN will cut their ‘air time’.

Rand Paul gave a 13 hour speech on drone and Obama, but the word communism was never mentioned? What about the bloody history of communism? How could you give a 13 hour speech on Obama and not mention the word communism? It would have been in my FIRST PARAGRAPH.

Libertarians had a meltdown the other day when I announced that I was banning liberals from my Facebook page. Why would Libertarians that claim to be conservatives care about how I treat the enemy? The answer is that most Libertarians are LIBERALS and that is why they get uncomfortable when the word communism is brought up. They immediately change the subject to fascism and they try to drag you into the old communism/fascism debate. Libertarians tend to be anti-fascism, because they are pro-communism.

In the words of Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearing: “What difference does it make”?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

– Edmund Burke
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/e/edmund_burke.html#u8Tg2dsBLKPRYsl6.99

Sheriff wants neighbors to call if anyone is ‘anti-government’

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Missing Ivy League Student Embraced Revolutionary Che Guevara?

Sunil Tripathi

Sunil Tripathi

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


UPDATE: April 26, 2013

Prayers to the Tripathi family on the loss of their son, but it is not surprising. Most Leftists tend to be depressed and suicidal. Anyone that wears a Che Guevara shirt is clearly unstable. Technically my analysis was correct. He was crazy and a danger to himself like most liberals.




This story was originally posted on March 27, 2013.

The Conservative Monster NEVER stated that Sunil Tripathi was involved with the horrific Boston Marathon bombing.


His name was reportedly mentioned on the Boston Police scanner during the manhunt for the real terrorists and then it went viral on the Internet.




This ‘missing’ Ivy League student is wearing a Che Guevara shirt and this says a lot. Wearing a Che Guevara shirt is no different than wearing a Hitler shirt since they were BOTH SOCIALISTS.

Che Guevara was a brutal revolutionary and anyone that would wear a shirt with his image on it is clearly a ‘disturbed person’. College professors are brainwashing kids like this to be suicidal, Marxist revolutionary killing machines just like the mass shooters that have been engaged the past year.

Many of these Marxist Revolutionaries are flooding the Occupy Wall Street movement as well, but they publicly call themselves Anarchists. Brainwashed College kids like this are a danger to themselves and society already. My theory is already playing out, but the media is hiding the truth.

A Former FBI agent just mentioned on Fox News that there are hints that Sunil Tripathi was battling some form of depression before he went missing. There are fears that this student is suicidal and that is why there is a desperate search for him. I am not saying that Sunil Tripathi went on a mass killing spree, but liberals will try to twist my words.

Most of these ‘rich kids’ want Marxism, because their family has plenty of money. So, they will be part of the ‘upper class’ unlike your kids that went to a community college. This is why Ivy League rich kids like Sunil Tripathi overwhelmingly support Obama and Marxism.

Plus, their Ivy League education and connections can help advance their career potential to unlimited possibilities.

Don’t blame me for this article. Blame the College Professors that are brainwashing these kids to become radical Marxists that worship killers like Che Guevara. The media will hide this photo.



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Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes Converts to Islam?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Thanks to long time Monster fan Diane for this gem…

If James Holmes converted to Islam to get Muslim protection in jail it has backfired according to this article. The Muslims in jail don’t want anything to do with him. My belief is that he was always a radical Atheist and that he is using converting to Islam as a distraction.

The Communists have been using Islam as a tool of deception since the 1960’s when the Russian KGB created the PLO. Leftists are brainwashed to deny that the communist agenda even exists. Holmes is very loyal to the cause…

Holmes was a scientist and most of them are Atheists, not Muslims. I am not buying this for one second and neither are the Muslims in jail.

How many Muslim scientists do you know of? Most of them are atheists. He is full of shit. Nothing was mentioned about Islam before and he had no beard for the shooting. This is an act…he is really a commie. Remember, he was the joker before he was a Muslim.


Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist?

James Holmes archives on The Conservative Monster


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