Jared Loughner Visited Extremist Websites Prior to Gabby Giffords Shooting?

I am trying to get my hands on Jared Loughner’s police records. Investigators released 3,000 pages and I want to find out what ‘extremist websites’ were visited by Loughner before the shooting. The major media seems to be hiding this information.

Any help will be appreciated.



Retired Air Force Colonel talks about the real war on women

Steve Cooper


This interview with retired Air Force Colonel, Martha McSally is a must see for all Americans. What an inspiration she is and she is running for Gabby Giffords old seat in Arizona. McSally sued Donald Rumsfeld, because the Pentagon wanted American female soldiers to wear Muslim burqa’s while off of US Military bases and she had the rule CHANGED.

McSally also reminded people that the real war against women is in the Middle East in Islamic countries that still brutalize women that seek equal rights.

This next part is my commentary – The American leftists and women’s groups ignore Islamic brutality against women, because the Muslim terrorists are their partner in this war against Capitalism and freedom.


More on the war on women – McSally


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